[Download] Ayer’s ‘Circle Down’



Well, here’s a fresh slice of bliss to drop in out Inbox. Ayer is the collaboration between Brooklyn based singer Danny Schmittler and Noosa album producer Mickey Valen. They’ve only got one song to their name so far, but that one song makes a hell of an impression and gives us a taste of what to expect on their début EP, due for release this winter. Which is fitting, as their songs seems to have a winter vibe to them, check out Circle Down.

Taking it’s cues from vintage synth sounds but implementing them in a most definitely contemporary way, Ayer deliver a particularly New York brand of ElectroPop. Both the vocals and music come across as heartfelt and honest. Waves of crisp synths and a beat with a Disco swing compliment a dramatic piano line with a light Funk. Ayer’s vocals have a unique tone and the ability to deliver both passion and groove. An impressive début from these guys, we’ll be on the lookout for more.

Ayer – Circle Down

Ayer’s début EP is due out later this year.

Check out more from Ayer on SoundCloud.

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