[Audio] Kavinsky’s ‘Sovereign’



On Friday French Electro/SynthWave master Kavinsky unexpectedly dropped a brand new track. It;s taken from his OutRun Live Tour, we’re not sure if that means we can expect on official release soon or not, but on Friday he gave the world a taste of what many (including us) have experienced live in the past couple of years. Friday afternoon/evening released don’t really work for us, I mean, it’s the start of the weekend, our eyes are on a different prize. So here we are, a couple of days late with the news. Deal with it.

Sovereign is rough, brooding, and quintessentially Kavinsky. A mid tempo burner full of sinister synths and ominous builds. Another page int he Dead Cruiser’s story, the unmistakable retro HorrorWave (yup, just invented a word….*quickly Googles*…maybe not) is loaded with hammerfall beats layered with the kind of synths that give you a panic attack. This is a dancefloor creepfest of the highest order.

♫ Kavinsky – Sovereign

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