[Video] Kavinsky’s ‘ProtoVision’ video

Yesterday, Outrun-Electro master Kavinsky dropped his first new single in ages, and the first from his forthcoming new album, ProtoVision.

Here’s the video, which sees Kavinsky himself as the Dead Cruiser, rocking through the streets of 80s LA. It;s car chases with class.

Kavinsky’s ProtoVision is out now, the album, Outrun, follows early 2013 on Record Makers.

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[Audio] Kavinsky’s ‘ProtoVision’


Here it is! After what seems like forever waiting for some new music, here’s the new single from Outrun-Electro original gangster Kavinsky. Released today, this is the first track from the dead Cruiser’s forthcoming album, cunningly titled Outrun. ProtoVision, as it turns out, was actually the track we heard a while back in this video (which has since been named accordingly). Loved it then, loving it more now.

ProtoVision is a grinding soundtrack to an 80s Sci-fi video nasty. A screaming robotic assault that references epic electronics from Jean Michel-Jarre to Brad Fiedel’s The Terminator soundtrack. Soaring synth leads and guitar wails strike dramatic moments over chainsaw synths and a tense bassline that growls at the heart of the track. In Kavinsky’s Dead Cruiser narrative this is one hell of a powerful beat, you can imagine what kind of high-stakes conflict is occurring and with the video (a still from which is above) coming very soon, maybe we’ll find out. Too often lumped in with the bog-standard distorted Electro crowd, Kavinsky is still the king of SynthWave/Outrun-Electro, and he;s back to show the imitators how it’s done.

♫ Kavinsky – ProtoVision

Kavinsky’s ProtoVision is out today, the album, Outrun, follows early 2013 on Record Makers.

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