[Audio] Kavinsky reMixed by A-Trak



New is starting to come in about SynthWave pioneer Kavinsky’s new single, the first following Protovision and the excellent OutRun album. The subject of the single will be the album track Odd Look, which was the highlight of OutRun’s new material. Amongst the single reMixes will be this cut-up job from A-Trak.

Bringing a bit of an Electro Dancehall flavour to the track and turns the tune chord progression into a grinding chainsaw riff. The track is equal parts dancefloor igniting and sinister as hell. With brutal bass and cinematic leads, it’s the drums that really compel in this track. It’s a fine mix that leaves us with a taste to hear the rest. The EP is out soon, along with Kavinsky’s Dead Cruiser mobile game.

♫ Kavinsky – Odd Look (A-Trak reMix)

Kavinsky’s Odd Look single is released soon, the OutRun album is out now.

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