New track from Kavinsky!


A brand new track from Kavinsky’s forthcoming album has leaked, we’re usually a bit cautious about posting leaks, unofficial releases just hurt the artists release schedule, but Kavinsky himself linked to the leak on his Twitter account, so we guess it’s not too bad. Plus, we’re too drunk with excitement to contain ourselves.

‘RoadGame’ see the French SynthWave legend on top form, and more cinematic than ever with an epic building track that, as a precursor to the album, lets us know that Kavinsky’s soundtracking of the Dead Cruiser is far from over. No-one tells a story in music quite like Kavinsky with his releases to date telling the story of a Ferrari fuelled ghost driver, and that’s one of the greatest things about the man, he shook up Electro, nailed SynthWave and created a whole mythos too! This is probably going to be a contender for the album of the year.

♫ Kavinsky – RoadGame

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