[Audio] Les Rythmes Digitales reMixes A-Trak



Do you love Les Rythmes Digitales? Do you rank Darkdancer as one of the top five best albums of all time? A bit disappointed with much of Stuart Prices new Tracques output? Just wish he’s make LRD music again? Well, other than being me, you’re in luck…sort of. Whist we’re pretty sure, at this point Price has no intention of going back to Les Rythmes Digitales, especially with the Tracques album looming, but he has brought the project that started it all for him out of the woodwork, maybe one last time, to contribute a reMix to A-Trak new Tuna Melt reMixes EP.

The Les Rythmes Digitales of Tuna Melt really does do it’s best to capture LRD of old. Everything’s there, the DX bass, the chopped up vocal sample melodies, they synthesizer slides. It’s digital Funk, in that way only Stuart Price can do. We’re loving it, both as a massive slab of frantic synthetic Disco, and for nostalgic reasons, it really does sound like a LRD track, and that bassline is amazing. We’re (probably futilely, hoping this means a return to the LRD brand for Price, but if this is Les Rythmes Digitales swan song, we can be glad it sounded like this.

♫ A-Trak – Tuna Melt (Les Rythmes Digitales reMix)

A-Trak’s Tuna Melt reMixes is out now.

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