Jacques Lu Cont’s ‘Underground’

Jacques Lu Cont

Surprising in more ways than one is Jacques Lu Cont new track, ‘Underground’. Surprising because we weren’t expecting it. Surprising because I think it puts the final nail in the coffin of “we might be getting some new Les Rythmes Digitales” and surprising because despite being reasonably tedious Electro-House, we can’t stop listening to it. The accompanying picture of Stuart Price includes a Kylie chaser, we think you might need it.

Now, I know how sycophantic that sounds, and we don’t mind saying this is not Price’s best work, not by a million miles. It’s not even his most original work but, fuck me, if I hear this in a club or festival this summer I’m going to go mental. It’s that kind of track. A relentless assault of riffs that almost command you to dance and the pounding drums somehow get inside your dead. This is no ‘Church’, and hopefully just a need for Price to express something before he get’s back to writing cleaver music, but seeing as it’s here, enjoy the ride, it’s a wild one.

Jacques Lu Cont – Underground

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