[Audio] Fire Flowerz’ ‘Overload’ EP


Fire Flowerz

Always on the ball, Italian Disco duo Fire Flowerz have only just released their new mini-album, Beats Per Minute, earlier this month but they’re already back in the game with a new official EP release on Fogbank Recordings. The Overload EP is a three track dirty Disco monster that breathes new life into the Sample Disco genre.

The EP’s title track is a warping slab of heavy synth Funk. Wrapping up French Touch, Nu-Disco and Electro-House into a warm and infectious synthetic beast. Loaded with thick, filtered sounds, it’s a dense track where the synths almost overshadow the loops, which is no bad thing, aside from the hook, there’s tons of little leads and melodies that all work together to create blissful dancefloor noise. Remedies is more traditional French Disco, built on heavily effected samples whilst Routine brings something a little crazy to the table. Injecting a little grit into it’s party time Disco hook, Routine’s over abundance of effects and modulation add to it’s mesmerising groove. Definitely an EP to add to the crate.

♫ Fire Flowerz – Overload

♫ Fire Flowerz- Routine

Fire Flowerz’s Overload EP is out now.

Buy Fire Flowerz’s music from:

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