[MP3] Fire Flowerz’s new mini-album


Fire Flowerz

Italian dirty Disco duo Fire Flowerz have just brightened up your week with the simple generous act of dropping a brand new mini-album, for absolutely free! These guys have been on our radar for a while now dealing out a bunch of top notch reMixes and collaborations with the likes of NAPT and Birdee, and now with the release of Beats Per Minute we get to revel in a solid chunk of original work.

Beats Per Minute, their first substantial release, contains seven tracks of scandalously grimy Disco and red-raw Funk. The release eases you in with My Fire, a slick Nu-Disco tune with a poolside vibe made all the more apparent with some enchanting talkbox work. Followed by the walking heavy bassline and sample Disco of Kisses In Technicolor Don’t let these sultry tunes fool you though, this release gets more intense as it progresses. L’Amour brings a little hypnotic Italo flavour to the album with it;s big ebb-and-flow synths and evolving Disco bassline. After an Interlude, Sheets reins in the weighty Funk with a laid back, almost R&B sound for lazy summer days. Don’t get too comfortable though, Impeto In G Minor delivers the release’s energetic high point, a brilliantly executed, if a little too short, example of cut-up Disco and big beats. Beats Per Minute’s final track, I Can’t Stay is a bit of an anomaly, with it’s mid-90s Dance take on Disco, but one that weirdly works really well. Maybe Big Beat,  Disco grooves, and wailing solos are the next big thing? All-in-all, Fire Flowerz have dropped a blinder of a début, and at this price you can’t say no.

Fire Flowerz – Impeto In G Minor

Fire Flowerz – L’ Amour

Fire Flowerz – Kisses In Technicolor

Fire Flowerz’s Beats Per Minute is out now, download it for free here.

Buy Fire Flowerz’s music from:


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