Fire Flowerz & NAPT

Fire Flowerz

Italian pedal-to-the-metal Disco duo Fire Flowerz are bringing their particular brand of abrasive, addictive, Electro Funk to MofoHIFI with the release of this collaboration with London’s own NAPT. Connect was release last week and is already gaining some serious plays.

Connect is for those who like their groove a little harder and their Disco a little more jackhammer than smooth. Fire Flowerz and NAPT handle the heavy hitting Funk with ease and never loose sight of the underlying boogie, always remembering to work slick synth solos and infectious Disco hooks into their full-on dancefloor madness. This is one to drop when the night is peaking, watch it fly!

♫ Fire Flowerz (Feat. NAPT) – Connect

Fire Flowerz’s Connect is out now.

Buy Fire Flowerz’s music from:


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