[Download] Fire Flowerz reMix Route94’s ‘My Love’



Italian Disco duo have done it again with this massive new reMix of Route94 and Jess Glynne’s smash My Love. Apparently the original was just too “chill” for their DJ sets so they souped it up and gave it one of their trademark high-octane makeovers, this time injecting a whole load of piano House into proceedings. Check it out.

Dripping with early 90s vibes, Fire Flowerz mix of My Love takes Glynne’s big diva vocal and runs with it. A heavy piano hook permeates the track, hammering out its’ infectious riff over broken waves of bass heavy House. Modulating vocal snatches, as is requisite these days, Fire Flowerz deliver a full on floorfiller which we’re sure went down a storm in their sets.

Route94 (Feat. Jess Glynne) – My Love (Fire Flowerz reMix)

Route94’s My Love is out now.

Buy Route94’s music from:


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