[Audio] Michoacan’s ‘The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand’



Fernando Miranda Rios A.K.A. Michoacan, he of Disco Suck So Good fame, is back with another forthcoming blistering release on Eskimo Recordings. It’s a three track release titled The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand, and it’s a pure Cosmic Disco workout. A fuzzy analog synth love-letter that’ll have you melting into your speakers. Check it out.

The EP’s title track is an eight minute epic, an exercise in freeform Disco and blissed out Moog jamming. a rotund, playful, beat keeps the time alongside a head nodding bassline, giving room in the track for all manner of snyths squelches, trills, zaps and Funk solos to haphazardly glide across the tune. One of the B-sides, No Magic Orchestra usurps a Kraftwerkian rhythm and rudely pairs it with a baseline reminiscent of a Post-Punk attempt at Disco and the Funky snyth noodlings of a madman. all three tracks on the EP are electronically enchanting. Galactic voyages withy a slightly drunk pilot. Disco made by broken robots. Definitely worth your attention.

♫ Michoacan – The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand

♫ Michoacan – No Magic Orchestra

Michoacan’s The Kingdom Of Heaven Is At Hand is released 11th November.

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