[Download] Emeron & Fox’s ‘Windup’


Emeron & Fox

After a few months hiatus Brooklyn based SynthWavers Emeron & Fox are back and getting their House groove on with their new tune Windup. Last time we heard from these guys was early last summer with Arms Out, so take a peek below and see whether they have been hard at work in the intervening months, or just mucking about.

Sounds like it’s the ‘working hard’ option. Windup effortlessly blends a myriad of styles into one funky whole. From the Disco bassline and SynthWave pads, to the Baroque Electro arpeggios, Windup is a bubbling melting pot of synth sounds. The spliced up vocal samples provide the ribbon that neatly ties the track together. Awesome, and slightly mysterious, work from this duo. Ends a but quick though.

Emeron & Fox – Windup

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