[MP3] Emeron & Fox’s ‘Arms Out’


Emeron & Fox

The new one from Brooklyn based SynthWavers Emeron & Fox is something a bit different, by their standards at least. In tune with the increasing mood of lazy summer evenings (well, for me anyway) the duo present the timely release of Arms Out. More in keeping with their début single, the haunting Nightmares, than more recent, more upbeat, offerings, Arms Out sees these guys slip back into a dreamlike mode.

There’s would be a chance you could find Arms Out a little unsettling, with it’s ethereal vocals and ghostly electric piano, if it wasn’t for the warm old school Hip Hop beats and Disco bass. There’s something irresistibly funky about this track, you can’t help but nod your head and get into it. So when it’s siren song curls around your head like smoke and those strangely uplifting synth drones in the chorus kick in it makes for an unusual combination of groovy and enigmatic, but a combination that Emeron & Fox make work.

Emeron & Fox- Arms Out

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