Posttod are a Sweedish Electronica duo who push genre boundaries and wrap up myriad influenced in their beautiful, icy soundscapes.

The recently released their ‘Moon’ EP for free and should you take advantage of that amazing deal you’ll be treated to seven tracks of electronic, dreamlike soundtracks. Taking in components from everywhere from Dubstep to Chillwave to ElectroPop to Disco, Posttod create something decidedly Scandinavian sounding that just conjures images of forests and tundra. There’s something in this EP that reminds me of Røyksopp, maybe not directly in the sound, but in the approach to electronic music. The two acts are definitely experimental, and avant-garde, but highly melodic too. Here Posttod utilise broken beats, Dub basses, heavily reverb washed vocals and synth drones, but all the time accompany this with sweet melodies and passionate leads. ‘Moon’ is an accomplished peice of work that all fans of synthesizer music should check out.

Posttod – Away

Posttod – Wild

Posttod – Under The Stars

You can download Posttod’s ‘Moon’ for free here.

Check out more from Posttod on SoundCloud.

New Substatic tunes


It’s Substatic update time! When last we left out heroes they were knocking around on ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ and playing a blinding set at the album launch party. That set showcased not only their new, leaner, line up but also a plethora of new material and, dare I say it, a new ‘sound’, one with a tad more Funk.

Here’s two new tracks to get your aural juices flowing. ‘iMake Noise’ is a bass fuelled steamroller of a track, the don’t-call-it-Dubstep bassline slowly grinding against your brain makes for the perfect accompaniment to Colleen’s sultry, dangerous, vocals. It’s a track with a sense of urgency, a nervous energy that threatens to break at any moment amidst the chiming lead lines. There’s definitely something cinematic about ‘iMake Noise’. ‘Arcadia’ is an instrumental track and, I presume, a tribute to the giant, travelling robo-stage of the same name. Last year at Bestival I was camped literally right next to Arcadia and whilst this track doesn’t quite capture the 5:30am ground shaking, can’t sleep, bass, what it does instead is make you wanna’ jump up with it’s shuffling beats and dirty, funk fuelled synth grind. Capturing the best of those times you can loose yourself on the dancefloor, ‘Arcadia’ should be played at peak time in a field with 30,000 other nutters!

♫ Substatic – iMakeNoise

♫ Substatic – Arcadia

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Little Jinder’s ‘Keep On Dreaming’ video

Sometimes I get the feeling people don’t really know what to do with an artist like Little Jinder.

Take her forthcoming single, the big bass and little voiced ‘Keep On Dreaming’, I wouldn’t be trying to sell this to the UK Funky or Dubstep crowd, I’d shop this to the eclectic Indie-Electro listeners. It’s a really good track that might not get the recognition it deserves if it’s stuck in a pigeon hole.

‘Keep On Dreaming’ is out 13th March on Trouble & Bass.

Buy Little Jinder’s music from:


Lo-Fi-Fnk’s ‘Kissing Taste’ video

Lo-Fi-Fnk’s new single, from their ‘The Last summer’ album will be ‘Kissing Taste’.

Magnus Härdner directed this chilly clip. I get cold just looking at it.

The single will feature reMixes from Lemaitre, Main Attrakionz and this Dubsteppy/90’s House crossover interpretation  from Krusha.

♫ Lo-Fi-Fnk – Kissing Taste (Krusha reMix)

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Little Jinder’s new video

So it looks like Swedish ElectroPop firecracker Little Jinder has given up on trying to be called just ‘Jinder’ and we can all breathe a sigh of relief and call her Little Jinder again.

Here’s her new single ‘Without You’, it’s a impressive mix of ElectroPop, Dubstep and a hint of Drum & Bass.

‘Without You’ is out this week on Trouble & Bass

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Sismique ain’t your everyday Dubstep. The brain child of Steve Markovits, one third of the amazing Substatic, Sismique folds a unique experimentation and musicality, that must come from a range of eclectic influences, into the Dubstep formula.

Incorporating as much of the haunting lead lines and glitchy rhythms of, post-Artificial Intelligence, Warp Records output (think ‘Incunabula’ era Autechre) as it does the deep robotic grooves of Dubstep, Sismique create a listening experience that is both bassy & visceral and musically interesting. ‘Toulouse’ is a perfect example of this meeting of the intricate and sledgehamer. The jump up beat and catchy sample hook compel you to dance while the meticulously programmed percussion, melodies and chord progressions elevate the track into something more mature and intelligent. ‘Sunday’ takes a more haunting approach and a, dare I say it, more Bristol approach. Dub influenced echo on the vocal snatches and rolling rhythms make this a prefect Sunday festival soundtrack. With ‘Almost Everywhere’ sees Sismique in 2 step mode with a deep House bassline and glitchy garage beats forming a bedrock for some sweet laid back lead melodies. Outside of the confines of Substatic’s song structure Steve seems able to run with his musical ideas, showing a knack for hypnotic grooves and cerebrally pleasing tunes.

♫ Sismique – Toulouse

♫ Sismique – Almost Everywhere

♫ Sismique – Sunday

Check out more from Sismique on SoundCloud

Katy B’s new video

This is the new video for ‘Witches Brew’, the Zinc produced next single from Katy B.

Director Colin Tilley brings out Katy’s dark side in this clip.

‘Witches Brew’ comes from Katy B’s album ‘On A Mission’, out now. The single is out 29th August.

Buy Katy B’s music from:


Substatic; they’ve been up to stuff


So, “what’s been going on in the world of Substatic?” I hear you ask. Gather ‘round, I’ll tell you.

Well, mostly the Bristol based Indie-Electro trio have been chained to the mixing desk. Spending their time slaving away in Substatic HQ, the guys and gal have been preparing a brand new live show and tracks for a forthcoming release. If you’ve been keeping an eye on their SoundCloud page you’ll have been treated to a stream of demo versions coming straight out the studio. The most prominent of these is a new version of ‘Bloodlust’. It was back in April that the first demo of Bloodlust surfaced but this new upload is cleaner, more refined. Instruments are given more space within the mix to make themselves heard, which compliments Colleen’s croon better and more emphasis on the Acid build lends and new level of excitement to the tune. ‘Drawn In Chalk’, the most recent track to emerge, eases you in with an atmospheric opening and some really nice lyrical imagery. It’s definitely epic in scope and sound. Powerful too, with Alex and Steve conveying just as much of an emotional narrative with the shifting moods of the tune as the layered, emotive, vocals. ‘Inside These Walls’ brings together influences from Drum & Bass, Electro-House and ElectroPop in that way only Substatic can. The most Poppy and catchy of the new batch, ‘Inside These Walls’ show Colleen on top form in Pop chanteuse mode while the guys mix up deep basses and broken beats but never let them run amok and cause chaos.

♫ Substatic – Bloodlust (Demo.)

♫ Substatic – Drawn In Chalk (Demo.)

♫ Substatic – Inside These Walls (Demo.)

So now you know what’s going on!

Substatic are just starting to announce some new shows for this year including 26th August at our very own Start The Bus in Bristol and 14th September at one of my favourite London venues, The Dublin Castle in Camden, London.

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Ellie Goulding & Bassnectar; the video

Well, they’ve gone and taken the video for ‘Lights’ by Ellie Goulding and chopped it up to fit Bassnectar’s reMix of the tune.

I’m not sure how much crossover there is between heavy Dubstep and fluffy ElectroPop, but Bassnectar does a bloody good job of trying.

Buy Ellie Goulding’s music from:



Kick out those mid-week blues with Dubstep duo Cenob1te.

Cenob1te are part of the Chocago based Electro, Drum & Bass & DubstepDead Fame collective which includes electronic rumors faves Midnight Conspiracy. Their track, ‘Hell’, is pure, unashamed robotic evil. Textbook Electro heavy Dubstep that infects both body and brain.

Cenob1te – Hell (Original Mix)

Check out more from Cenob1te on SoundCloud.

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