[Video] Little Jinder’s ‘Ful Och Tråkig Tjej’


Little Jinder   Ful och Tråkig Tjej  Official video    YouTube

Stockholm BassPop princess Little Jinder is back with a brand new single, the haunting and quirky Ful Och Tråkig Tjej, a booming slice of particularly Scani Pop

Directed by Emma Arvida Byström & Claire Kurylowski, the clip is, well; very pink. Distractingly so.

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[Audio] Little Jinder’s ‘Shh’



Sweeden’s BassPop princess Little Jinder is back with a bran new single, and it’s something s little different. A departure from Jinder’s madcap and upbeat electronic Pop. Shh is not only a sweet, and haunting, slice of Scandinavian goodness, but it;s sung in Josefine’s native Sweedish. This one’s a real grower.

Not quite as tangibly Pop as the likes of Whatever 4ever or Won’t Look Back, Shh feels a bit more left-field, not just because of the Sweedish vocals, but the music is playfully quaint in is use of synths and vintage drums. It’s a totally engrossing single, and one that proclaims what we’ve been saying for years. Little Jinder is pretty ace really.

♫ Little Jinder – Shh

Little Jinder’s Shh is out today.

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[Video] Little Jinder’s ‘Won’t Look Back’


Little Jinder   Won t Look Back  Official Video    YouTube

Out this week is not only Stockholm BassPop princess Little Jinder’s début album Break Up, but also her new single, Won’t Look Back. A laid back slice of emotional ElectroPop, check otu the video.

Sarah Graffman and Josefine herself filmed the clip, which like many of Little Jinder’s videos, is pretty much her and her friends mucking about.

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[Video] Little Jinder’s ‘Whatever 4ever’

Stockholm’s unsung ElectroPop/Bass queen Little Jinder’s new single Whatever 4ever is a more sweetly rebellious SynthPop affair than her previous, more Bass heavy offerings, and show a maturing of her sound, but thankfully not her attitude.

Directed by Anders Abrahamsson, the clip is basically Josefine and her mates getting wasted while a dude with a ginger beard mimes the song. I think that just about covers it.

Little Jinder’s Whatever 4ever is released 13th March.

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Little Jinder’s ‘Keep On Dreaming’ video

Sometimes I get the feeling people don’t really know what to do with an artist like Little Jinder.

Take her forthcoming single, the big bass and little voiced ‘Keep On Dreaming’, I wouldn’t be trying to sell this to the UK Funky or Dubstep crowd, I’d shop this to the eclectic Indie-Electro listeners. It’s a really good track that might not get the recognition it deserves if it’s stuck in a pigeon hole.

‘Keep On Dreaming’ is out 13th March on Trouble & Bass.

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Little Jinder’s new video

So it looks like Swedish ElectroPop firecracker Little Jinder has given up on trying to be called just ‘Jinder’ and we can all breathe a sigh of relief and call her Little Jinder again.

Here’s her new single ‘Without You’, it’s a impressive mix of ElectroPop, Dubstep and a hint of Drum & Bass.

‘Without You’ is out this week on Trouble & Bass

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Jinder; not so Little anymore?


All’s been quite in the Little Jinder front for a while, during which time she apparently dropped the ‘Little’, now being just Jinder. Still signed to Trouble & Bass, Sweden’s Jinder is currently gearing up for the release of her next single ‘Youth Blood’ (a track that previously appeared on Trouble & Bass’ instalment of the Scion A/V sampler compilations), an ElectopPop gem, which will include reMixes by some of Sweden’s top electronic artists.

This reMix, however, comes from London’s Bok Bok which heavily vocodes the vocals and rings some heavily disjointed disco:

Jinder (Little Jinder) – Youth Blood (Bok Bok reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Youth Blood’ December 1st followed by a remix EP, you can hear the original version on Jinder’s MySpace.

Jinder (Little Jinder) @ Beatport

Jinder (Little Jinder) @ Juno

Jinder (Little Jinder) @ Amazon