Sismique ain’t your everyday Dubstep. The brain child of Steve Markovits, one third of the amazing Substatic, Sismique folds a unique experimentation and musicality, that must come from a range of eclectic influences, into the Dubstep formula.

Incorporating as much of the haunting lead lines and glitchy rhythms of, post-Artificial Intelligence, Warp Records output (think ‘Incunabula’ era Autechre) as it does the deep robotic grooves of Dubstep, Sismique create a listening experience that is both bassy & visceral and musically interesting. ‘Toulouse’ is a perfect example of this meeting of the intricate and sledgehamer. The jump up beat and catchy sample hook compel you to dance while the meticulously programmed percussion, melodies and chord progressions elevate the track into something more mature and intelligent. ‘Sunday’ takes a more haunting approach and a, dare I say it, more Bristol approach. Dub influenced echo on the vocal snatches and rolling rhythms make this a prefect Sunday festival soundtrack. With ‘Almost Everywhere’ sees Sismique in 2 step mode with a deep House bassline and glitchy garage beats forming a bedrock for some sweet laid back lead melodies. Outside of the confines of Substatic’s song structure Steve seems able to run with his musical ideas, showing a knack for hypnotic grooves and cerebrally pleasing tunes.

♫ Sismique – Toulouse

♫ Sismique – Almost Everywhere

♫ Sismique – Sunday

Check out more from Sismique on SoundCloud

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