[Download] DCup & Mereki’s ‘Don’t Be Shy reMixed by La Felix



Why this isn’t on the single release of  DCup’s Don’t Be Shy we have no idea. This reMix of the feel-god Nu-Disco monster, featuring the vocals of ElectroPop artist and Goldroom collaborator Mereki, comes from the one-and-only La Félix, and is quite, very, possible out favourite version of the song.

There’s nothing about this track that isn’t just a warm wave of good-times. La Félix adds a certain poolside grove to the tune. With a lush piano hook, thick Disco stings and a popping slab bassline, he whips up a smooth and sexy vibe that Mereki’s sweet vocal just adds to. This is the prefect Friday track if you need any help getting in the mood for the weekend. Enjoy.

DCup (Feat. Mereki) – Dont Be Shy (La Felix reMix)

DCup’s Don’t Be Shy is out now,

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