[Audio] Collins’ début album


Let’s talk about Collins. This guy first came to out attention back in September 20122 with his entry into Feat Of Tigers’ the Adventured Of Pippi Longstrump reMix competition. We highlighted his contribution as one of our favourites and since then have been following this Brazilian based Irish producer as he dropped a succession of class singles over the past two years. Well, that time has come, as it does in every musician’s career when they just have to bite the bullet and release an album. A declaration of intent, a manifesto. Collins’ Animal Magnetism lays down the law on why he’s different from the pack, and why is forward thinking attitude makes him one to watch.

Animal Magnetism opens with the dreamlike Heartbreaker, and there’s immediately something different goin on here. Whilst the track shares much of it’s DNA with Kavinsky’s Nightcall, it also let’s you know that the preceding album isn’t going to be your standard SynthWave. Listless, ominous vocoded vocals wash over the entire track and it sets a mood of eerie beauty that  the rest of the release follows through with. Serenade continues in the same mysterious vein, albeit it with an EBM bassline and hushed female vocals the drag the track into 90s Elektro Industrial realms, a realm that isn’t entirely untouched by the tracks predecessor, The Sacred with it’s imposing robo vox. Fallen is a weird best, fifty percent laid back beach Disco, fifty percent a moody cover of Julee Cruise and Angelo Badalamenti’s Falling, it’s a take on an oft covered track that we hadn’t heard before. The album continues in this enigmatic style, punctuated by the likes of Italo monster If Looks Could Kill and the slightly ChipTune Coping Mechanism. Animal Magnetism is an impressive début collection, showing both a variety of moods from Collins, but also his ability to capture the darker side of life in rich, evocative music.

♫ Collins (Feat. Ana Gabriela Accioly) – Serenade

♫ Collins – If Looks Could Kill

♫ Collins – Coping Mechanism

♫ Collins – Fallen

Collins’ Animal Magnetism is out now, you can pick it up here. It;s available as a digital download, or as a limited edition cassette/video package.

Buy Collins’ music from:

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