[MP3] Cassette Club reMix Cassette Kids


Cassette Kids

Remember Cassette KidsSpin? Australian Indie-ElectroPoppers Cassette Kids were the talk of the town as we entered our second year in existence and Spin, their fifth single rocked 2010. You’ll see in our original piece on the track that we mention a reMix from London’s DiscoPop kings Cassette Club, but the single, when released came with just the Russ Chimes mix. The Cassette Club mix never surfaced. Until now.

Ban and Tom have reached into the vault and pulled out this storming tune that makes us nostalgic for the summer of ‘10 (if it’s actually possible to be nostalgic for three years ago?). This is classic Cassette Club, literally and contains all the sounds that were rocking us back then, and, to be honest, haven’t stopped rocking us. A bouncy ElectroPop/Disco crossover bassline, big lush synths, summery sweeps and that kind of feel-good shoulder-shaking groove that sums up the late 2000’s. Good times, we’re so grateful the guys decided to unleash this gem.

Cassette Kids – Spin (Cassette Club reMix)

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[Audio] Ben Macklin & Yota’s ‘Controller’


Cassette Club’s Ben Macklin’s solo effort with Stockholm born, France residing singer Yota (Lifelike/Zoo Brazil/DLG), Controller, is finally seeing release next month. We covered the track a while back, featuring Cassette Club’s own reMix of the tune. Now, with imminent release, we get to wrap our ears around the original version in all it’s glory.

An order more laid back and dreamy than the CC mix, Controller is a blissfully smooth slice of hushed soulful Disco. Pairing Macklin’s SynthPop inspired, but groovy as hell, electronics with Yota’s smokey vocals creates a duality that is transcended by the whole. Like a chilled Robot disco that’s been invaded by an ethereal, emotional presence, Controller tames it;s synthetic nature and delivers classy urban synth grooves.

♫ Ben Macklin & Yota – Controller

Ben Macklin & Yota’s Controller is released 4th March.

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[MP3] Cassette Club X Ben Macklin X Yota

Ben Macklin & Yota

London Producer Ben Macklin is having a really prolific six months. Not only has his main outfit, Cassette Club come back in style, but this new solo release, featuring the vocals of Yota (Lifelike/Zoo Brazil/DLG), come hot on the heals of his Sometimes collaboration with Vern. His latest single, Controller, also comes with a reMix by the aforementioned Cassette Club, which he is generously giving away for free.

The Cassette Club reMix of Controller is a lush slice of urban Dreamwave. A warm, dreamy Disco track with a smokey, inner-city vibe, the track rolls along intertwining Yota’s ethereal vocal with vintage pads and razor sharp leads atop a sturdy dancefloor groove. As well as a slightly Italo Funk, this tune has a mysterious quality to it. One that captures all the promise of summer nights in the city with it’s infectious bassline and it;s beat that won’t sleep. One for the nightowls.

Ben Macklin & Yota – Controller (Cassette Club Night reMix)

Controller is out soon and also features a reMix from Popular Computer.

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Sometimes & Andrea Britton

Sometimes & Andrea Britton

Out today on Modal is the new single, So Many Reasons, from Sometimes & Andrea Britton. Sometimes is a collaboration between Cassette Club’s Ben Macklin and Vern of Stretch ‘N’ Vern/Reflekt/Nude Disco fame who have teamed up with London based singer/songwriter Britton to drop this blissful slice of DancePop.

Britton is pretty prolific when it comes do dance music vocals, both as a solo artist and as the voice of countless Trance tracks, she has hones a particularly soulful, yet euphoric, style that she displays expertly on this slick of relaxed, summery electronica. So Many Reasons has actually got this really nice SynthWave undertone to it, especially in the bassline with has got this subtle post-Italo feel to it that injects a little retro feel in the track. This works really well alongside a hint of a Balearic sunrise vibe and insanely infectious ElectroPop tune. More than anything though, So Many Reasons is just a timeless, classic dance tune, the kind that just feels right when you hear it.

♫ Sometimes & Andrea Britton – So Many Reasons

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Cassette Club’s ‘Flash’ reMixes

cassette club

London ElectroPop duo’s Cassette Club recent Flash single, out now on Modal, is still riding high on various music outlets sales charts. The guys have been in a giving mood recently, with their free EP of unreleased material, and that giving mood continues with two brand new reMixes of Flash for the noting-at-all-really- price of £1.

First up to have their way with Flash is LA based Dreamwave duo D.A.R.E. whose Disco influended sunshine ElectroPop melds perfectly into Cassette Clubs’ sound turning Flash into a laid back beach-party jam that has a gentle melody that washed the track like waves lapping at your toes. But D.A.R.E.’s smooth LA Funk influenced groove is only one half of this package. On the flip-side the amazingly named The Found New Hardware Wizard bring an almost late 90s Trance vibe to the table. Their reMix of Flash is full-on hands-in-the-air stuff and whilst the big Trance leads sound a little dated the tracks huge lead line more than makes up for it. We’re so glad that Cassette Club seem to be on a roll these days. Bring on the CC juggernaut!

♫ Cassette Club – Flash (D.A.R.E reMix)

♫ Cassette Club – Flash (The Found New Hardware Wizard reMix)

Cassette Club’s Flash is out now, the reMixes can be picked up on Cassette Club’s Bandcamp.

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Cassette Club reMixed by Nude Disco

Cassette Club

London ElectroPop duo Cassette Club are now gearing up for the release of the full version of their Flash EP on Modal later this month (the two track single is available on Bandcamp now), and amongst the track contained within is this gem from scene workaholics Nude Disco. It’s a reMix of Bodylights, which was last featured on Cassette Club’s recent free Unreleased EP.

Nude Disco drop a little Funky House, a little Deep House and a little Nu-Disco into the mix for their latest jam. Luckily the vocal refrain remains intact, as it’s one of the smoothest choruses you’ll hear all year and Nude Disco use that to it’s fullest, wrapping it up in a heady mixture of throbbing basslines, pounding drums and hypnotic synths. Nude Disco add a little drama to proceedings too, with a big vocoded build midway before dropping you back in the Funk.

♫ Cassette Club – Bodylights (Nude Disco reMix)

You can download the whole Unreleased EP for free right here.

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Cassette Club drop EP of unreleased material

Cassette Club

Cassette Club, one of London’s best Disco tinged ElectroPop acts, and one of the most underrated synth outfits in the country, have just released a free EP of unreleased and older material. Five tracks of some of the finest, most soulful electronic music around right now.

Some of this collection we’ve heard before, some is new to us, all of it sounds fresh as hell, despite the odd track being a few years old. We looked in on Talk to Me a few weeks ago, a slick DiscoPop number that serves as a addition to this EP which kicks off proper with Don’t Go, a resonate, smooth jam that immediately strikes as being head and shoulders above a good chunk of UK DiscoPop acts right now, an opinion only strengthened as the EP slides into the retro synth Funk of Living In A Video. Living In A Video is pure class late 80’s robotic R&B, ElectroPop with a powerful Disco injection, it could give Chromeo a run for their money. Number Seven has more of an 80’s Pop soul feel to it, with heavy synth overtones, like a meeting of The Human League and ABC with contemporary production. The EP plays out on Bodylights, a fantastic closer and probably the slickest groove on the EP, this is a one-hundred-percent late night jam. Silky smooth and Moog Funk fuelled , Bodylights will leave you wanting more. Cassette Club have just given you a full EP, for free, that beats most of what you have paid for this year, it;s all old stuff too, just imagine what a new album from them would be like. We can’t wait!

Cassette Club – Living In A Video

Cassette Club – Bodylights

You can download the whole Unreleased EP for free right here.

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Cassette Club’s ‘Talk To Me’


Here’s a Friday treat from Cassette Club. Just ahead of the release of their Flash reMix package on Modal in the coming weeks, the duo of Ben Macklin and Tom Hammond have dropped this previously unreleased Cassette Club tune. Talk To Me (despite having exactly the same title as a certain forthcoming release, grrrrr) is an insanely good slice of Poppy Electro Boogie. The mind boggles as to why it wasn’t released, it’s out track for the weekend!

This is Cassette Club doing what Cassette Club do best, amazingly rich ElectroPop, although this time with an injection of Funk that’s slightly stronger than their other tracks. Talk To Me, I believe, dates from around late 2011 and is loaded with slick Disco licks, punchy retro synths and impassioned vocals and, quite frankly, could give Chrome a run for their money in the Funky ElectroPop stakes. It the weather hold out for the weekend, this tune should be your summery weapon of choice.

Cassette Club – Talk To Me (Unreleased)

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Cassette Club’s ‘Flash’


Ahead of the full reMix package to be released on Modal at the end of the month, Cassette Club have dropped their new single, Flash, as a Bandcamp exclusive. We heard Cassette Club’s own Ben Macklin’s reMix of the track last month and we’ve been eager to hear the original.  You can pick up the track on it’s own from today.

Flash is a breezy slice of ElectroPop. If you heard the reMix you know somewhat what to expect, although this original version has the dancefloor qualities dialled down a little and the floaty retro-ness pumped up. Cassette Club do an amazing job of creating something that feels both nostalgically pleasing and contemporary and fresh. Anchored on a bouncy Disco influenced bassline the track layers on sweeping, emotional synths and a anthemic, rich vocal. Top quality London ElectroPop, a must listen.

♫ Cassette Club – Flash

Flash is out now on Bandcamp, with a full reMix package coming at the end of August on Modal.

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New Cassette Club single reMixed by Ben Macklin

Cassette Club

London based Disco producer, and one half of releasers of the excellent 4 Me, Cassette Club, Ben Macklin, stopped by the electronic rumors Inbox with some awesome news. Cassette Club are gearing up for the release of a brand new single. The track is called Flash, and Mr. Macklin delivers a pumping reMix.

Macklin’s mix of Flash is a five minutes of nostalgic bliss. From the tracks opening the buzzing synths and shuffling beat the tone is set. Carefree ElectroPop with a sprinkling of Disco washes out of the speakers. Synths evolve and build around a ‘80’s Synth Pop flavour bassline to a euphoric point where things get almost Balearic. A hint of the original’s impassioned vocals drifting across the track and the cowbell fills give the track a bit of a beach part vibe. A beach party…at sunset….in the mid-‘80’s. Right now I can’t thing of anywhere I’d rather be. Definitely looking forward to this release.

Cassette Club – Flash (Ben Macklin reMix)

Cassette Club’s Flash is released 13th August on Modal.

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