[MP3] Cassette Club X Ben Macklin X Yota

Ben Macklin & Yota

London Producer Ben Macklin is having a really prolific six months. Not only has his main outfit, Cassette Club come back in style, but this new solo release, featuring the vocals of Yota (Lifelike/Zoo Brazil/DLG), come hot on the heals of his Sometimes collaboration with Vern. His latest single, Controller, also comes with a reMix by the aforementioned Cassette Club, which he is generously giving away for free.

The Cassette Club reMix of Controller is a lush slice of urban Dreamwave. A warm, dreamy Disco track with a smokey, inner-city vibe, the track rolls along intertwining Yota’s ethereal vocal with vintage pads and razor sharp leads atop a sturdy dancefloor groove. As well as a slightly Italo Funk, this tune has a mysterious quality to it. One that captures all the promise of summer nights in the city with it’s infectious bassline and it;s beat that won’t sleep. One for the nightowls.

Ben Macklin & Yota – Controller (Cassette Club Night reMix)

Controller is out soon and also features a reMix from Popular Computer.

Buy Ben Macklin’s music from:


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