Cassette Club reMixed by Nude Disco

Cassette Club

London ElectroPop duo Cassette Club are now gearing up for the release of the full version of their Flash EP on Modal later this month (the two track single is available on Bandcamp now), and amongst the track contained within is this gem from scene workaholics Nude Disco. It’s a reMix of Bodylights, which was last featured on Cassette Club’s recent free Unreleased EP.

Nude Disco drop a little Funky House, a little Deep House and a little Nu-Disco into the mix for their latest jam. Luckily the vocal refrain remains intact, as it’s one of the smoothest choruses you’ll hear all year and Nude Disco use that to it’s fullest, wrapping it up in a heady mixture of throbbing basslines, pounding drums and hypnotic synths. Nude Disco add a little drama to proceedings too, with a big vocoded build midway before dropping you back in the Funk.

♫ Cassette Club – Bodylights (Nude Disco reMix)

You can download the whole Unreleased EP for free right here.

Buy Cassette Club’s music from:

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