Cassette Club drop EP of unreleased material

Cassette Club

Cassette Club, one of London’s best Disco tinged ElectroPop acts, and one of the most underrated synth outfits in the country, have just released a free EP of unreleased and older material. Five tracks of some of the finest, most soulful electronic music around right now.

Some of this collection we’ve heard before, some is new to us, all of it sounds fresh as hell, despite the odd track being a few years old. We looked in on Talk to Me a few weeks ago, a slick DiscoPop number that serves as a addition to this EP which kicks off proper with Don’t Go, a resonate, smooth jam that immediately strikes as being head and shoulders above a good chunk of UK DiscoPop acts right now, an opinion only strengthened as the EP slides into the retro synth Funk of Living In A Video. Living In A Video is pure class late 80’s robotic R&B, ElectroPop with a powerful Disco injection, it could give Chromeo a run for their money. Number Seven has more of an 80’s Pop soul feel to it, with heavy synth overtones, like a meeting of The Human League and ABC with contemporary production. The EP plays out on Bodylights, a fantastic closer and probably the slickest groove on the EP, this is a one-hundred-percent late night jam. Silky smooth and Moog Funk fuelled , Bodylights will leave you wanting more. Cassette Club have just given you a full EP, for free, that beats most of what you have paid for this year, it;s all old stuff too, just imagine what a new album from them would be like. We can’t wait!

Cassette Club – Living In A Video

Cassette Club – Bodylights

You can download the whole Unreleased EP for free right here.

Buy Cassette Club’s music from:

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