Cassette Club’s ‘Talk To Me’


Here’s a Friday treat from Cassette Club. Just ahead of the release of their Flash reMix package on Modal in the coming weeks, the duo of Ben Macklin and Tom Hammond have dropped this previously unreleased Cassette Club tune. Talk To Me (despite having exactly the same title as a certain forthcoming release, grrrrr) is an insanely good slice of Poppy Electro Boogie. The mind boggles as to why it wasn’t released, it’s out track for the weekend!

This is Cassette Club doing what Cassette Club do best, amazingly rich ElectroPop, although this time with an injection of Funk that’s slightly stronger than their other tracks. Talk To Me, I believe, dates from around late 2011 and is loaded with slick Disco licks, punchy retro synths and impassioned vocals and, quite frankly, could give Chrome a run for their money in the Funky ElectroPop stakes. It the weather hold out for the weekend, this tune should be your summery weapon of choice.

Cassette Club – Talk To Me (Unreleased)

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