[MP3] Cassette Club reMix Cassette Kids


Cassette Kids

Remember Cassette KidsSpin? Australian Indie-ElectroPoppers Cassette Kids were the talk of the town as we entered our second year in existence and Spin, their fifth single rocked 2010. You’ll see in our original piece on the track that we mention a reMix from London’s DiscoPop kings Cassette Club, but the single, when released came with just the Russ Chimes mix. The Cassette Club mix never surfaced. Until now.

Ban and Tom have reached into the vault and pulled out this storming tune that makes us nostalgic for the summer of ‘10 (if it’s actually possible to be nostalgic for three years ago?). This is classic Cassette Club, literally and contains all the sounds that were rocking us back then, and, to be honest, haven’t stopped rocking us. A bouncy ElectroPop/Disco crossover bassline, big lush synths, summery sweeps and that kind of feel-good shoulder-shaking groove that sums up the late 2000’s. Good times, we’re so grateful the guys decided to unleash this gem.

Cassette Kids – Spin (Cassette Club reMix)

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