Cassette Club’s ‘Flash’


Ahead of the full reMix package to be released on Modal at the end of the month, Cassette Club have dropped their new single, Flash, as a Bandcamp exclusive. We heard Cassette Club’s own Ben Macklin’s reMix of the track last month and we’ve been eager to hear the original.  You can pick up the track on it’s own from today.

Flash is a breezy slice of ElectroPop. If you heard the reMix you know somewhat what to expect, although this original version has the dancefloor qualities dialled down a little and the floaty retro-ness pumped up. Cassette Club do an amazing job of creating something that feels both nostalgically pleasing and contemporary and fresh. Anchored on a bouncy Disco influenced bassline the track layers on sweeping, emotional synths and a anthemic, rich vocal. Top quality London ElectroPop, a must listen.

♫ Cassette Club – Flash

Flash is out now on Bandcamp, with a full reMix package coming at the end of August on Modal.

Buy Cassette Club’s music from:

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