[Mixtape] Awkoder’s latest mixtape


Awkoder – Mixtape #2 = Our SynthWave friend Awkoder has just dropped his latest mixtape. It’s a whole hour of laid back Disco and retro beats to kick off your week with.

Awkoder – Mixtape #2

The tracklist:

01. Chordashian – Illusion
02. Pool – Flex (Aeroplane reMix)
03. Sanza & Phunktastike – Locovox
04. Grizzly Bear – Gun Shy (Lindstrom reMix)
05. Strange Talk – Cast Away (Reflex reMix)
06. Lafayette – Mauvaise Mine (Jupiter reMix)
07. Bufi & La Royale – Paris
08. Charli XCX – You Ha Ha Ha (Goldroom reMix)
09. Plastic Plates (Feat. Simon Lord) – Things I Didn’t Know I Loved (Bufi reMix)
10. Shindu – Just Go (Reflex reMix)

Buy Awkoder’s music from:

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