[MP3] Awkoder’s ‘Your Love’


There’s a bit of a trend amongst SynthWave producers recently. More and more of then are delivering vocal tracks, whether collaborations or having a crack at vox themselves, we’ve seen a few of the scene’s heavyweights drop vocal fuelled masterpieces recently. It a trend we approve of here, and one that sees French master of atmospheric SynthWave Awkoder up next, as he joins forces with fellow Frenchman Phlore for Your Love, released this week.

Your Love ends up being one of this month’s nicest surprises. Awkoder handles a sung track with ease, his right, multi-layered synth sounds flowing in total support of Phlore’s impassioned vocal. These two obviously have a great love, and more than that a great understanding, of 80s Pop and why 80s Pop worked so well as they incorporate a nostalgic tone into this powerful ElectroPop tune. Mixing it up with a few Nu-Disco style flourishes and a screaming solo at the track’s climax, Awkoder and Phlore has hit on a definite winner right here.

Awkoder (Feat. Phlore) – Your Love

Awkoder’s Your Love is out now.

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