Designer Drugs re-release ‘Riot’/’Drop Down’

I’m still a bit bleary from the weekend, so what better way to bust the cobwebs out of my head than with the re-release of Designer Drugs ‘Riot’/’Drop Down’ on IHEARTCOMIX.

‘Drop Down’ was easily my favorite straight-up banger of last year (even making our top 20 of 2009!) and the re-release features all new reMixes from Mustard Pimp and BeatauCue. To celebrate the release we can throw your way these two reMixes, not featured on the single, by Savage skulls and StereoHeroes. Savage Skulls take on ’Drop Down’ is a, distorted kick drum, brutal banger equally matched by StereoHeroes dark rave version of ‘Riot’.

Designer Drugs – Drop Down (Savage Skulls reMix)

Designer Drugs – Riot (StereoHeroes reMix)

‘Riot’/’Drop Down’ is available right now!

Designer Drugs @ Beatport

Designer Drugs @ Juno

Designer Drugs @ 7Digital

Designer Drugs @ Amazon

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Designer Drugs; Drop Down video!

One of our favourite straight-up bangers of last year (it even made our top 20 of 2009!), ‘Drop Down’ by Designer Drugs, has finally got itself an official video.

Check out the graveyard goings on directed by Kevin Calero:

The ‘Riot/’Drop Down’ single is still available on IHEARTCOMIX

Designer Drugs @ Beatport

Designer Drugs @ Juno

Designer Drugs @ Amazon

Designer Drugs Drop Down


A couple of days ago Designer Drugs released their second single for Iheartcomix Records, a double A-Side featuring the tracks ‘Riot’ and  ‘Drop Down’.

‘Drop Down’ is a frantic party banger, ominous chords and wailing synths build the tension ‘til the track slides into it’s noisy electro groove.

Guaranteed to slay on the dancefloor!

Designer Drugs – Drop Down (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Riot/’Drop Down’ is out now!

Designer Drugs @ Beatport

Designer Drugs @ Juno

Designer Drugs @ Amazon

Spencer Product


Old school ElectroClash (if there can be such a thing?) nightclub legend Spencer Product explodes from the New York scene once more with a new release on Coco Machette.

The Original Mix of ‘We Bite!’ is pretty standard ElectrocClash fare, I was always a little suspicious of ElectroClash, but there are some excellent reMixes from current BlogHouse darlings Designer Drugs and Tronik Youth the former putting the groove back into the song and the latter creating a robotic disco epic.

Spencer Product – We Bite! (Original Mix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Spencer Product – We Bite! (Designer Drugs NY Nite Mix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Spencer Product – We Bite! (Tronik Youth reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Tronik Youth’s is my favourite

‘We Bite!’ is out now.

Spencer Product @ Beatport

Spencer Product @ Juno

Spencer Product @ Amazon

Annie reMixed by Designer Drugs


Norwegian ElectroPop Indie sensation Annie’s forthcoming new single has been given the reMix treatment by Designer Drugs, who, it seems, can do no wrong reMix-wise.

The track is given an uplifting Electro workout for a result that is as poppy as it is dancefloor.

Annie – Antonio (Designer Drugs reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

The single is out in about five weeks and can be picked up here:

Annie @ Beatport

Annie @ Juno

Annie @ 7Digital

Annie @ Amazon

[Via Big Stereo]

New Designer Drugs


After bringing out some staggeringly good reMixes in the last few months, Designer Drugs are preparing to drop their début physical release on Iheartcomix.

The ‘ZOMBIES!/Back Up In This’ EP will feature reMixes from the likes of Don Rimini, Nadastrom and this gem by Le Castle Vania+Rrrump+Computer Club:

Designer Drugs – Back Up In This (Le Castle Vania+Rrrump+Computer Club reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

This release will be an Electro-House must-have!

Click through to Iheartcomix for Designer Drugs’ new mixtape featuring loads of unreleased material. ‘ZOMBIES!/Back Up In This’ will be available on 12” from Topplers and is available digitally from the usual places:

Designer Drugs @ Topplers

Designer Drugs @ Beatport

Designer Drugs @ Amazon

Red Blooded Women & Designer Drugs take on the Mode


What can we say about covers of  ‘Enjoy The Silence’? Everyone tries it at least once, most fail miserably. You can’t blame them for trying, though, it is one of the greatest songs ever written after all.

A few succeed…

Luckily, sultry London SynthPop trio Red Blooded Women fall into the later category with this fantastic cover of Depeche Mode’s classic, here given analogue dancefloor treatment by reMixers of the moment Designer Drugs.

Red Blooded Women – Enjoy The Silence (Designer Drugs reMix) (ZShare) (MediaFire)

‘Enjoy The Silence’ is released on 29th March and includes reMixes by Parralox, Heads We Dance, 7th Heaven and Bassmonkey.

The ‘You Made Your Bed’ EP is still available below:

Red Blooded Women @ Planet Clique

Little Boots (+Designer Drugs)


Hey, another post topic decided on by gig tickets!

I just managed to get hold of tickets for Mystery Jets as part of the NME tour, I had thought they were sold out but after a bit of digging I managed to get hold of some. I’m not at all bothered about Mystery Jets, I want to see the support act, Little Boots.

So now seems a good time to blog about Little Boots because soon she is going to be huge and blogging about her will be far too passé 😉 .

Little Boots is Victoria Hesketh, ex of Dead Disco, (with a little help from Hot Chip‘s Joe Goddard) who is fast on her way to becoming one of the finest electronic songwriters this country has ever produced.

The focus of a recent article in The Guardian about women in electro, Little Boots connects with her fans by uploading videos to YouTube of her performing covers suggested to her by her channels viewers. The cover versions proove just how talented she is, she’ll just sit there with her piano, a Stylophone and her Tenori-on and knock them out! And, boy!, what this girl can do with a Tenori-On…completely made me change my mind about the device!

Little Boots covering Hot Chip’s ‘Ready For The Floor

Little Boot’s ‘acoustic’ version of her own track ‘Meddle’

Anyway, the forthcoming album is eagerly anticipated! Here’s something to keep you going:

Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat (zShare) (MediaFire)

Little Boots – Meddle (Designer Drugs 80’s Coke Jame reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

While we’re on the subject of Designer Drugs

Designer Drugs – ZOMBIES! (zShare) (MediaFire)

C’mon people…Little Boots gotta’ eat!!!

Little Boots @ Beatport

Little Boots @ 7Digital

Little Boots @ Juno

Little Boots @ Amazon

Designer Drugs @ Beatport