[Download] FM Attack’s ‘Fade Away’ reMixed by AIMES



Fade Away was one of the many highlights of Vancouver based SynthWaver FM Attack recent Deja Vu album. The Julian Sanza featuring track was like a Balearic Trance injection into the RoboPop proceedings. The track has just been reMixed by one of our favourite of Brooklyn’s exports (and there are many), AIMES, who brings a little deep Disco groove to the track.

Rocking an utterly infectious walking bassline, AIMES takes a track build for sunrises on the beach and turns it into a smooth jam for sunsets in the city. Still keeping the Balearic feel to some degree, AIMES works up smokey rhythms and wicked little licks around FM Attacks dreamy space synths. The hazy vocals are the icing on the cake, drifting over the track like a voice on the wind. This’ll have you screwing up your eyes tight shut and wishing for summer.

FM Attack (Feat. Julian Sanza) – Fade Away (AIMES reMix)

FM Attack’s Deja Vu is out now.

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[Download] Aimes’ ‘Marvin Gardens’



Here’s the latest slice of laid-back synthetic Disco from one of Brooklyn’s finest Aimes. Marvin Gardens is a free download, ‘cos Aimes is just that kinda’ guy. In fact, this is the third in a series of freebies that the man is giving away. I know, right? Crazy! But he does it anyway. Marvin Gardens is another top quality tune from Aimes, prepare for some, as they say, ‘chillvibes’.

Injecting a bit of classic Soul into his work via Marvin Gaye’s Pride And Joy. Which Aimes sets amongst a blissful array of lush, thick synths and a rockin’ Boogie-fied bassline. Totally dreamy, the track just seems to carry you away on it’s back, and by the time the precise lead melody comes-in, followed by bouncy keys, you’re well and truly on another planet.

Aimes – Marvin Gardens

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[Audio] Aimes reMixes Future Feelings & Simøne’s ‘Right There’


Future Feelings

Released this week is the new single from Mexican Nu-Disco producer Future Feelings. The Simøne featuring Right There is double A-sided with The Disco Feeling and comes equipped with a whole host of reMixes. Including this one, from one of our favourite Brooklyn producers, Aimes.

Aimes keeps things deep and Cosmically funky on this one. He creates a sense of space, despite the tight punch of the track. Layered with Sci-Fi snyths and flourishes set amidst the driving Disco backing Aimes’ reMix  delivers something for both the feet and the mind. Prepare for five minutes of galactic grooves and spacey vocals.

♫ Future Feelings (Feat. Simøne) – Right There (Aimes reMix)

Future Feelings’ Right There/The Disco Feeling is released 20th November.

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[MP3] Aimes’ ‘Give It To Me’



One of Brooklyn’s finest exports Aimes has released another tune in his slightly Housier direction. The second of his free downloads in the waters of this new sound for him, Give It To Me, brings an even deeper, irresistible, House vibe to Aimes music and it’s deservedly getting a lot of DJ support right now.

Mixing up Aimes spacey Chillwavey background with some moody warehouse beats and a slightly Tropical vibe, Give It To Me gently pulls you along with it’s subtly pumping bassline and waves of dreamtime synths give it that laid back haze we’re used to from Aimes, but there a compelling late night floor filler side to Give It To Me’s equation too, and the two word amazingly together to produce five minutes of bliss.

Aimes – Give It To Me

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[MP3] Aimes’ ‘Keep On Movin’’



Here’s the new one from Brooklyn synth head Aimes who, with Keep On Movin’, have taken on a new laid back House vibe to his music. We last heard from Aimes earlier in the year with his Beautiful Decay reMix EP that bounced off of last year’s original release. It looks like the producer wants to set us up for the summer with his new material.

Keep On Movin’ is a perfect slice of lazy electronica, the kind of tune you want soundtracking hazy summer days spent with friends. Sleek and soulful, it gives away Aimes’ Chillwave roots with waves of lush synths and warm tones that wash the track in a comfortable glow. Contrasting this is a solid House beat and a bassline with just a touch of Disco funk and a hint of Tropical dreaminess. We guarantee, this is one slice of sunshine bliss you won’t want to miss.

Aimes – Keep On Movin’

Aimes’ Keep On Movin’ is out now.

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[MP3] Aimes’ new reMix EP


Brooklyn Chilly SynthPop artist Aimes is gearing up for the release of a new reMix collection. A release of reworking of tracks from his acclaimed Beautiful Decay EP of last year, Aimes has roped in the likes of Soft Lighting, Chaz Bronz, Beto Cravioto, Travmatic, Business Casual Disco, Rioux and Jules Schimmer and more for an eight track (which is more of an album really!) monster that spans numerous electronic styles and delivers something for everyone.

Standout tracks on the release, for us, include Jules Schimmers’ sumptuous 80’s take on Wake Me Up Before The Sun Goes Down. Schimmer gets his Pet Shop Boys on, heavy on the retro bass and cowbells, all wrapped up in swirling synth strings. The EP’s opener, a reMix of Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended produced by Soft Lighting, sets the Cosmic mood for the rest of the EP, all pulsating synths in a reverb washed haze. For a more dancefloor oriented inclusion, you can look to Chaz Bronz whose deep Chicago House take on Oh My My has delayed organs and rimshots to place it right at home in a late 80’s warehouse party. The whole EP has everything you’d want, from Disco to Ambient, all wrapped up with Aimes’ Sci-Fi smoothness.

♫ Aimes – Wake Me Up Before The Sun Goes Down (Jules Schimmer reMix)

Aimes – Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended (Soft Lighting reMix)

♫ Aimes – Oh My My (Chas Bronz reMix)

Aimes’ Beautiful Decay reMixed is released 5th March.

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Synth Records team up with Nooka for compilation


Brooklyn based SynthWave producer TEEEL is hooking up with New York design house Nooka, and bringing Aimes and the rest of the Synth Records crew along for the ride. They are all bringing you a free 13 track album, to be released three tracks at a time over the next few weeks.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what, or who, a Nooka was. Apparently they are a fashion design company that mostly does watches and accessories. They do some nice stuff to, retro futuristic style. Which makes the the perfect brand partners for Synth Records, who continue that retro future vibe into their music. The 13 track compilation, Noozik, kicks off this week with the first three tunes including these two from TEEEL and Aimes, who both offer up suitably Sci-Fi slices of SynthWave and Chillwave respectively. All of Synth Records output tends to fall in the ‘pretty awesome’ category, so a 13 track compilation should be a treat. The three tracks a week thing is a bit annoying though.

TEEEL – Nooka Radio

Aimes – Nooka Theme

You can find all the downloads here, a page to keep an eye on for the rest of the album.

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Aimes’ ‘Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended’


Hot on the heels of his new single, ‘Step Away’, Brooklyn based Chilly-Synthwaver Aimes is already planning the release of his new EP for TEEEL’s Synthemesc imprint. The ‘Beautiful Decay’ EP is out later this month but we can check out the lead track right now.

‘Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended’ is a beautiful, atmospheric peice that brings as cosmic, and quite lonely vibe to the table. Spacious and multi-layered, this is a tune that sparks the imagination. From it’s undulating, intertwining arpeggios, to it’s distant leads and haunting vocals, this track really is somewhere in space hanging suspended, and it takes you there.  A nice mix of ElectroPop, Indie-Electro and Chillwave Aimes’ EP should be something to look forward to.

Aimes – Somewhere In Space We Hang Suspended

Aimes’ ‘Beautiful Decay’ EP is out 26th June.

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Aimes’ new single


Yesterday Brooklyn based Indie-SynthWave artist Aimes released his new single ‘Step Away’. A slick Indie-Disco affair with reMix duties from  Chordashian.

‘Step Away’ is a nice mix of Indie and Disco with Aimes’ Chillwave leaning dreamy sheen. Funking slap bass and slick Disco licks play about amongst the lush retro synths with a restudy that it;s hard not to move to. Over the top of this is some surprising Bryan Ferry-esque vocals, sung with weird emphasis but perfectly fitting for the groove of the track. It’s one for lazy days in the city, in the sun. Chordashian’s reMix picks up the pace a little and aims the song squarely at late night dancefloors with a candy coating of the smoothest Disco, thick with cosmic sounds and vocoders a-plenty. The single is like the day and night of cool, this’ll be on repeat for a long time.

♫ Aimes – Step Away (Original Mix)

♫ Aimes – Step Away (Chordashian reMix)

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Aimes reMixes Teeel


Brooklyn based purveyor of introspective retro Pop Aimes has just revealed  his reMix of Teeel‘s Triangle Waves’. He’s given it an energy boost and delivered a really quality slice of vintage electronic Pop.

The original version of ‘Triangle Waves’ was the lead track on Teeel’s ‘Amulet’, a mid-tempo, almost SynthWavey, example of post-Chillwave ElectroPop, all analog synths and distant vocals. It was a good tune, but Aimes has made it even better. Drawing on both the current wave of Indie-ElectroPop, with it’s catchy ‘80’s electronic Soul reference points, and bits of Italo and Disco Aimes turns in a track with all the charm of the original but more of a solid groove behind it and some really sweetly processed synth sounds. If Aimes is going for a retro futuristic style of chilled and soulful RoboPop, he’s absolutely nailed it. Part BladeRunner and part ‘80’s Discotheque with the soul of a poet, I remember when defenders of Real Music™ said that synthesizers had no soul, looks like it’s some humble pie for them then!

Teeel – Triangle Waves (Aimes reMix)

Teeel’s ‘Amulet’ is out now.

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