Aimes reMixes Teeel


Brooklyn based purveyor of introspective retro Pop Aimes has just revealed  his reMix of Teeel‘s Triangle Waves’. He’s given it an energy boost and delivered a really quality slice of vintage electronic Pop.

The original version of ‘Triangle Waves’ was the lead track on Teeel’s ‘Amulet’, a mid-tempo, almost SynthWavey, example of post-Chillwave ElectroPop, all analog synths and distant vocals. It was a good tune, but Aimes has made it even better. Drawing on both the current wave of Indie-ElectroPop, with it’s catchy ‘80’s electronic Soul reference points, and bits of Italo and Disco Aimes turns in a track with all the charm of the original but more of a solid groove behind it and some really sweetly processed synth sounds. If Aimes is going for a retro futuristic style of chilled and soulful RoboPop, he’s absolutely nailed it. Part BladeRunner and part ‘80’s Discotheque with the soul of a poet, I remember when defenders of Real Music™ said that synthesizers had no soul, looks like it’s some humble pie for them then!

Teeel – Triangle Waves (Aimes reMix)

Teeel’s ‘Amulet’ is out now.

Buy Teeel’s music from:


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