The Tapeaters’ new album


So, if you’re a long-time reader you’ll already know that Russian Nu-Disco/ElectroPop outfit The Tapeaters are amongst our favourites. We’ve been writing about them for years and, particularly, the latest crop of single have been pretty rad. Yesterday they released their latest album, which in part collects their recent tunes, and whist we loved the tracks individually when they are packed together in a complete LP it really highlights what an impressive body of work The Tapeaters have amassed.

‘Remembering Next Summer’ is a cleverly apt title for the record, it’s pure forward thinking nostalgia. Combining elements of Disco, Electro, Pop and Indie with some absurdly catchy songwriting, The Tapeaters kinda’ make me think that this is what the excellent Dirty Vegas would have sounded like if they had embraced Disco a little more than deep house. Funky basslines and massive retro synth sounds play against dancefloor beats and softly sung vocals with the occasional Indie guitar lick for good measure. The album kicks off with a new track ‘Umbrella’, which sets the tone for the record with a laid back, beach Disco vibe and an enticing sound which is closely followed by’ ‘Echo’, a track that wears it’s ‘80’s influences on it’s sleeve. That double whammy of Disco and ‘80’s pretty much sums up the album, and that’s two things we love, but it’s The Tapeaters genius songwriting, with their sing-a-long choruses and infectious hooks, that really seal the deal for us. Don’t be surprised if this album reared it’s head in our end-on-year ‘best of’ lists.

♫ The Tapeaters – Umbrella

The Tapeaters – Waiting For a Sign

The Tapeaters – The Real Deal

The Tapeaters – Echo

The Tapeaters’ ‘Remembering Next Summer’ is available right now from a stupidly cheap price. You can pick up the .mp3s from their official website from a tweet or a ‘like’, or pic up lossless copies from their Bandcamp from as little as $1!

Buy The Tapeaters’ music from:

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