The Sanfernando Sound

Jason Sieu Persad A.K.A. The Sanfernando Sound is representing for Manchester in this thing we call Electro.

You may thing already know Jason’s sound from tracks like ‘Wonky Girl’ and ‘Dominatrix’ in the last couple of years, a hard Electro-House sound with killer basslines and chainsaw leads, but, although his tunes have lost none of their balls, these days The Sanfernando Sound is an altogether smoother and groovier beast. ‘On The Catwalk’ was actually written for a fashion show and is a meeting of TSS’s funkier and harder edged sides with a strong mid-80’s Art Of Noise-esq vibe to it. ‘Disconnect U’ is a slick slick of Electro-Disco. Raw Digital funk with an 80’s Electro Soul vocal. Two tracks at the opposite ends of The Sanfernando Sound’s spectrum but proving the man is apt at both.

The Sanfernando Sound – On The Catwalk

The Sanfernando Sound – Disconnect U

Jason has devoted a lot of his time recently to pumping out some top quality reMixes. This reMix of Plastic Operator’s ‘Singing All The Time’ is apparently three years old but only recently got an official single release, it’s a bass heavy Electro track loaded with 8-bit noises. It does kinda’ sound three years old but it’s still banging. For a more recent sample of The Sanfernando Sound’s sound check his reMix of Anoraak’s ’Crazy Eyes’, an deep ElectroPop track with a rolling analog bass like tunder.

Plastic Operator – Singing All The Time (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

Anoraak – Crazy Eyes (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

The Sanfernando Sound has released the odd single and EP over the last couple of years, worth investigating:

The Sanfernando Sound @ Bandcamp

The Sanfernando Sound @ Beatport

The Sanfernando Sound @ Juno

The Sanfernando Sound @ 7Digital

The Sanfernando Sound @ Amazon

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