Starlings reMixed by The Sanfernando Sound


Whoa! Manchester SynthWave producer The Sanfernando Sound  gets positively EBM on his new reMix for Indie foursome Starlings.

His reMix of their new single ‘Dark Arts’ is an electronic powerhouse of the kind normally found blowing up dark German basement clubs. Layer upon layer of minor key arpeggios instil a sense of dancefloor doom with relentless drums an bass. What elevates this over the usual post-FuturePop EBM stuff is The Sanfernando Sound’s ear for the trappings of a quality Pop song. The big electro tom rolls, the occasional drops, and the flawless integration with the original vocals, it’s this attention to detail that make TSS’s production such a success. This is a dark and dangerous dancefloor monster.

♫ Starlings – Dark Arts (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

‘Dark Arts’ is released 10th October on Civil Music.

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The Sanfernando Sound reMixes Starlings

This track kicks off like a THX test!

Manc Electro producer The Sanfernando Sound has turned his attention to Sheffield Indie-Electro hype targets Starlings for their new single, ‘Sirens’ released today. You know what I though when I first heard this track?, it sounds like a heavier Erasure. Of course the Starlings’ singer has something of an Andy Bell quality about him but the music isn’t too far from the more DiscoPop end of Erasure, sure the drums and bassline are more dancefloor oriented but it really retains a mid-80s feel. More good stuff from The Sanfernando Sound!

♫ Starlings – Sirens (The Sanfernando Sound Remix)

‘Sirens’ is released today on Civil Music.

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