The Sanfernando Sound reMixes Matthew Duffy

Matthew Duffy

The man who’s fast becoming Manchester’s ElectroPop go-to guy, The Sanfernando Sound is all abut massive driving synths on his latest reMix, of New York artist Matthew Duffy’s cover of Pete Shelley’s ‘Homosapien’.

From the moment that arpeggio and growling bass kicks in the track doesn’t let up. mixing rapid fire European New Beat with a slight eastern influence, The Sanfernando Sound has created an ElectroPop monster that is both alluring and mysterious and commands you to move your feet. Oh, and you know how much we love synth tom rolls!

Matthew Duffy – Homosapien (The Sanfernando Sound reMix)

Matthew Duffy’s original ‘Homosapien’ single is available now.

Buy Matthew Duffy’s music from:

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