She’s The Queen

So, it looks like electronic rumors favourites Cosmonaut Grechko and Robots With Rayguns have gone and joined a gang! It’ll all end in violence, I know it!

Until everyone’s demise in a pointless turf war you can check out their new crew, The Night Moves Collective, in which they have enlisted the likes of P Martell and Signals into their ElectroPop mafia, as well as She’s The Queen. who I discovered browsing the NMC blog. This New York based duo pump out some top quality power ElectroPop. That kind of ElectroPop that makes you forget about the world outside.

Just take ‘All You’ve Got’. Epic, uplifting and full. Really full! The combination of Andrew Kuryloski’s multi layered, clean production and Emily White’s powerful vocals fill the speakers ‘til bursting point. Although She’s The Queen’s music makes various nods to ElectroPop of old their sound is very much in the now. Electronic music with tons of energy and emotion, the essence of ElectroPop

She’s The Queen – All You’ve Got

They have even got our good buddy Ren Riz to reMix up their track ‘Waiting Game’, the man works his toytown synthesizer funk all over the track to awesome effect.

She’s The Queen – Waiting Game (Ren Riz reMix (Radio Edit))

Check out more of She’s The Queen’s music and give them a big ol’ ‘like’ over on Facebook.

She’s The Queen @ Facebook

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