[Mixtape] Goldroom; new mixtape and reMix from The Knocks



Goldroom – Saguaro Mix 2013 = So, we were wondering whether to lead this article with Goldroom latest mixtape, or latest track. then we noticed his latest tape featured the Cyclist reMix of our very own Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi’s Boy (*ahem* out now), so here we are. Goldroom’s Saguaro Mix is a whole hour of chill. A top down, wind in your hair, early evening Disco drive. kick back and enjoy.

Goldroom – Saguaro Mix 2013

The tracklist:
01. Touch Sensitive – Pizza Guy
02. Ben Macklin & Yota – Controller (Cassette Club Night reMix)
03. Rise & Fool – Toy Boy (Le Crayon reMix)
04. Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi – Boy (Cyclist reMix)
05. Pompeya – Power (Mario Basanov reMix (Percussive Edit))
06. Monitor 66 – Follow You
07. Kimbra – Two Way Street (Aeroplane reMix)
08. Hanni El Khatib – Penny (Classixx reMix)
09. Solange – Losing You (Cyril Hahn reMix)
10. Ghosts Of Venice – My Love
11. Goldroom – Only You Can Show Me (The Knocks reMix)
12. Alan Braxe – Time Machine (Gigamesh reMix)
13. Spirit Catcher – Never Give Up
14. Stephane Deschezeaux – Standing Room
15. Tensnake – Bliss
16. Kamp! – Melt (Zimmer reMix)
17. Les Sins – Grind

And here’s the reMix. New York’s The Knocks do a wonderful job of bringing the sunshine with their take on Goldroom and Mereki’s Only You Can Show Me. Mixing up their New York Disco with a little laid back LA vibe and some rolling piano, The Knocks deliver a big room Nu-Disco tune with a bassline that you can’t help but move to and some starlight synths flaying around your head.

♫ Goldroom (Feat. Mereki Beach)- Only You Can Show Me (The Knocks reMix)

Goldroom’s Only You Can Show Me is out now.

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[MP3] The Knocks reMixed by Viceroy


The Knocks

You know the best kind of Disco is going to happen when the kings of New York Disco The Knocks are reMixed by San Francisco’s beach party groovemeister Viceroy. The result is a blissful, incredibly Poppy,slice of good time summertime vibes.

Did we mention how Poppy this was? Because it really is, melding the most fun elements of Nu-Disco with a particularly American blend of R&B tinged Pop, Viceroy and The Knocks whip up something of a poolside jam that doesn’t have a care in the world. With big beats and an almost Caribbean feel to it, this mix of Magic layers on the heavy, pumping, snyths thick which, when combined with Gary Go’s  laid back, almost 80s, vocal makes for untroubled, breezy, four minutes of Disco escapism.

The Knocks (Feat. Gary Go) – Magic (Viceroy reMix)

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[MP3] The Knocks reMix Youngblood Hawke


We’ve featured LA Indie outfit Youngblood Hawke’s We Come Running before. It a track with more than a few reMixes out there. Now the band have decide to take charge and release a handful of mixes by some pretty big names. The reMix single holds work from Tiësto (why?) and RAC alongside this brilliantly summery track from New York Disco-meisters The Knocks.

The Knocks smother the track in their upbeat, piano driven dancefloor anthem. Taking in equal parts early 90’s piano House and dirty NYC Disco grooves, The Knocks deliver the standout reMix of this track. Their sound is just as big as the sing-a-long track itself, and the marriage of the two is a match made in heaven. This one is guaranteed to rock the dancefloor and have them with their hands in the air.

Youngblood Hawke – We Come Running (The Knocks reMix)

Youngblood Hawke’s We Come Running reMix single is out now.

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Edwin Van Cleef reMixes The Knocks

the knocks

It’s like The Knocks fortnight! Not only have they recently dropped their amazing reMix of Haim’s Forever and the release of their The Feeling EP, complete with a multitude of reMixes. One of the one we were most looking forward to was the work of Edwin Van Cleef, who whips up the title track into a deep and funky retro House track.

If you like you’re basslines Chicago flavoured and your dace tracks loaded with catchy refrains then you are in luck right here. Cleef delivers the EPs standout mix. Using the original’s anthemic vocal to it’s sing-a-long fullest this reMix pushes a severe level of energy and feel-good part vibes. It’s just a pity that the weather is starting to turn nasty, and this reMix is a month or so too late, to fully appreciate it’s summery charms.

♫ The Knocks – The Feeling (Edwin Van Cleef reMix)

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The Knocks reMix Haim


Hot on the heels of their reMix of Two Door Cinema Club’s Sleep Alone (alongside the release of their own The Feeling), those purveyors of the finest New York style Disco, The Knocks, have turned their attention to much-hyped LA Indie girl-trio-and-a-dude-drumming Haim.

The Knocks take that 90’s R&B shuffling quality Haim’s vocals display and run with it, weaving Forever into their summery, pool party Disco sound. The New York based duo indulge a little of their Tropical side, mixing an LA Dreamwave feel into their usual NYC Disco. I know this will be a controversial opinion on the music blogosphere but Forever works so much better with The Knocks laid back dance sound than it does with it’s original stripped down groove Rock.

Haim – Forever (The Knocks reMix)

Haim’s Forever is out now.

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The Knocks reMixed by Modern Machines

The Knocks

New York disco duo The Knocks’ new single ‘The Feeling’ is out this week and comes complete with a whole host of rad reMixes from the likes of Com Truise and Edwin Van Cleef. Here’s one extra for you, from fellow New Yorkers Modern Machines.

Modern Machines bring some seriously huge big-room vibes to the track. The track build you up with a massive ElectroPop intro, reminiscent of the best epic tunes of the last decade, before dropping you into some funky as hell cut-up Nu-Disco, then drawing you back again. The vocal hook stands out as a sing-a-long anthem as Modern Machines dip you in and out of some crashing dancefloor moments.

♫ The Knocks – The Feeling (Modern Machines reMix)

The Knocks The Feeling single is out now.

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Two Door Cinema Club & The Knocks

Two Door Cinema Club

We recently featured the BeatauCue reMix of Indie-Dance stars Two Door Cinema Club’s Sleep Alone, but this is the one we were waiting for. New York Indie-Disco merchants The Knocks sterling rework of the track. Stay tunes for eclectic, jump up Disco sounds.

The Knocks add their percussion fuelled synth Disco sound to the mix and it works amazingly well. Their New York take on funky synths pump uncontrollably, laying down a retro-futuristic boogie with a bit of a Deep House vibe for TDCC vocalist Alex Trimble’s introspective flow. The Knocks really are at the top of their game these days and right here they prove why. This mix is a driving floorfiller, intelligent and groovy as hell.

♫ Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (The Knocks reMix)

Two Door Cinema Club’s Sleep Alonesingle is out now.

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The Sound Of Arrows’ free reMix album

The Sound Of Arrows

Well this is an awesome mid-week treat! Sweedish, London based, ElectroPop superstars The Sound Of Arrows are giving away an entire albums worth of reMixes, for free. The eleven track collection covered reMixes and edits, some you’ll have heard before, some brand new, there’s even the Wonders B-side, Longest Ever Daydream, thrown in for good measure too.

The album covers the duo past few years of single, featuring work from the likes of Visitor, Tiësto and Gold Dust on reMix duties but our picks have to be The Knocks version of the single Wonders, which takes a glitchy Disco approach to the tune which soon descends into full-on Electro-House dancefloor power. The amazing Mille and his now legendary reMix of The Sound Of Arrows’ breakthrough hit Into The Clouds, to which he lands all of his emotional, ChipTune Dreamwave charm in the perfect combination of ElectroPop and synthetic dancefloor nostalgia and Chad Valley’s deep, atmospheric take on M.A.G.I.C.. Chad bring a sparse Chillwave flavour to the track, supplying one of the albums deeper moments as it slips into House territory. It’s a rad collection, and generous of the guys to give it away like this, being packed with class tunes.

The Sound Of Arrows – Wonders (The Knocks reMix)

The Sound Of Arrows – Into the Clouds (Mille reMix)

The Sound Of Arrows – M.A.G.I.C. (Chad Valley reMix)

Download the whole album here, right now!

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Of Monsters & Men

Of Monsters & Men

We’d say New Your Disco duo The Knocks were a reasonable big name, I expect their reMixes don’t come cheap in any case. So if the like your song enough to do an unofficial reMix of it, that strikes us as quite a big deal. This is exactly what they’ve done with Icelandic Folk band Of Monsters & Men’s tune Little Talks.

Apparently this Indie Rock tune was, or is, huge and there’s loads of reMixes of it. Honestly it’s the first we’ve heard of either the band or the song, I guess we just don;t run in those circles. We gave the original a quite listen, a bit bland, not our cup of tea. Cutesy Folk just doesn’t float our boat. But The Knocks get to grips with the track in a supremely skilful manner. Eschewing faux quaintness for a solid New York Disco groove, sweeping cosmic synths and and 80’s synth stabs. The whole script flip of the track give the vocals a new lease of life. No longer listless they are now a catchy refrain. See what Disco does for you!

Of Monsters & Men – Little Talks (The Knocks reMix)

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The Knocks & Fred Falke’s ‘Geronimo’ video

Boom! That’s the sound of one of the biggest tunes of the year, The Knocks & Fred Falke’s Geronimo, getting a video.

Director Daniel Pappas captures some pretty stunning footage here,. The premise is pretty simple, nut the cinematography is very nice indeed.

Geronimo is out now on Beatport and available everywhere else on 23rd July.

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