Of Monsters & Men

Of Monsters & Men

We’d say New Your Disco duo The Knocks were a reasonable big name, I expect their reMixes don’t come cheap in any case. So if the like your song enough to do an unofficial reMix of it, that strikes us as quite a big deal. This is exactly what they’ve done with Icelandic Folk band Of Monsters & Men’s tune Little Talks.

Apparently this Indie Rock tune was, or is, huge and there’s loads of reMixes of it. Honestly it’s the first we’ve heard of either the band or the song, I guess we just don;t run in those circles. We gave the original a quite listen, a bit bland, not our cup of tea. Cutesy Folk just doesn’t float our boat. But The Knocks get to grips with the track in a supremely skilful manner. Eschewing faux quaintness for a solid New York Disco groove, sweeping cosmic synths and and 80’s synth stabs. The whole script flip of the track give the vocals a new lease of life. No longer listless they are now a catchy refrain. See what Disco does for you!

Of Monsters & Men – Little Talks (The Knocks reMix)

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