[MP3] The Knocks reMix Youngblood Hawke


We’ve featured LA Indie outfit Youngblood Hawke’s We Come Running before. It a track with more than a few reMixes out there. Now the band have decide to take charge and release a handful of mixes by some pretty big names. The reMix single holds work from Tiësto (why?) and RAC alongside this brilliantly summery track from New York Disco-meisters The Knocks.

The Knocks smother the track in their upbeat, piano driven dancefloor anthem. Taking in equal parts early 90’s piano House and dirty NYC Disco grooves, The Knocks deliver the standout reMix of this track. Their sound is just as big as the sing-a-long track itself, and the marriage of the two is a match made in heaven. This one is guaranteed to rock the dancefloor and have them with their hands in the air.

Youngblood Hawke – We Come Running (The Knocks reMix)

Youngblood Hawke’s We Come Running reMix single is out now.

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Branded James reMixes Youngblood Hawke


We got sent the reMix of LA Indie bad Youngblood Hawke’s oft-reMixed We Come Running by American producer Branded James. We know next to nothing about Branded James, and that’s only a little bit less than we know about Youngblood Hawke, so if you don’t mind we’re just going to chat about the music for a bit.

For a producer out of the blue, this track is really good. Branded James nicely marries a Nu-Disco groove with lush Dreamwave synths and a warm retro feel. We’re really not that familiar with the Indie-Folk original, but these vocals work perfectly with James’ slick, optimistic, sound. Even the production is very solid. The mix is carried by some seriously airborne lead lines and punchy synth stabs, both having a nice nostalgic vibe to them that makes it feel like these vocals, that do have an anthemic quality to them, have always been part of this track.

Youngblood Hawke – We Come Running (Branded James reMix)

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