[MP3] The Knocks reMixed by Viceroy


The Knocks

You know the best kind of Disco is going to happen when the kings of New York Disco The Knocks are reMixed by San Francisco’s beach party groovemeister Viceroy. The result is a blissful, incredibly Poppy,slice of good time summertime vibes.

Did we mention how Poppy this was? Because it really is, melding the most fun elements of Nu-Disco with a particularly American blend of R&B tinged Pop, Viceroy and The Knocks whip up something of a poolside jam that doesn’t have a care in the world. With big beats and an almost Caribbean feel to it, this mix of Magic layers on the heavy, pumping, snyths thick which, when combined with Gary Go’s  laid back, almost 80s, vocal makes for untroubled, breezy, four minutes of Disco escapism.

The Knocks (Feat. Gary Go) – Magic (Viceroy reMix)

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