The Kids Are Radioactive’s new tune

The Kids Are Radioactive

It been a while sing we features a full on banger here, for no other reason than nothing in the past few months has really inspired me, but here come’s Binary’s resident ravemeister, The Kids Are Radioactive, to set that right.

There are two really epic sections to the track, a sequel to 2009’s ‘Perpetual Drag’, cleverly titled ‘Perpetual Drag 2’ (it’s possibly personal this time?) which nicely switch between chainsaw synth noise terror and and the lead section with a sweet euphoric chord progression, all this is underpinned with a reverby ‘90’s House piano which gives the track a different flavour from, your usual Electro-House. And of course, the thing if full of massive builds. I’m so glad that Jordan and some people can still make Electro-House tracks with a bit of imagination!

The Kids Are Radioactive – Perpetual Drag 2 (Original Mix)

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Binary Week: The Kids Are Radioactive

The Kids Are Radioactive, A.K.A. Jordan Elliot, is they guy who brings a touch of rave to the house of Binary.

There’s no mucking about with TKAR, he wants to see you dance ‘til you drop.
I first notice TKAR on the forth volume of the free Masters Of The Universe compilation, back when the Dreamwave scene was a nameless thing that seemed to spend most of it’s life on MySpace. Since then he has always impressed with they way he brings bangin’ Electro-House tunes into the more melodic, musical realms that his Binary peers inhabit.

With a seemingly flawless knack for knowing what works on the dancefloor, as proved by his string of blog teasing reMixes, and as the youngest member of the Binary family, his productions show surprising musical maturity.

Also, Jordan is an internationally renowned Saxophonist, and if you’re going to play an instrument that doesn’t require electricity, the Sax is defiantly the coolest!

Let’s hear what the man has to say:

ER: First off, many thanks Jordan for chatting with us.

J: The pleasure is all mine.

ER: How did you start getting involved with making music?

J: Hmm let’s see.. The first instrument I learned how to play was the saxophone in elementary school. I studied both jazz and classical growing up¼ From there I learned to play several other instruments and I eventually got into recording my own music.

ER: who are your heroes and influences, both musical and otherwise?

J: My heroes list looks something like this: John Coltrane, Quentin Tarantino, Bob Dylan, Michael Crichton, John Lennon, Alex Ridha, John Bonham, George Orwell.

The Kids Are Radioactive – Cult Classic

ER: When did the Binary crew enter the picture?

J: I remember when Binary wasn’t anything more than an idea! haha. When they hit me up about starting some kind of music collective in 2007 I was just a junior in high school. Josh and Kyle did an amazing job putting the whole thing into motion, eventually it grew into the sick label and company it is now. Looking back on it I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time!

ER: Your music leans more toward Electro-House than the rest of Binary’s roster, are you flying the French-House flag in the Binary camp?

J: Maybe I was at one point, when I first started out that’s exactly what I was going for. It seems my taste changes every other week now. I just try to make tracks that will make people shake it on the dance floor.

The Kids Are Radioactive (Feat. LexiconDon) – Higher

ER: What’s in The Kids Are Radioactive’s studio?

J: A bunch of stuff.. I’ve got a Moog Little Phatty, Studio Electronics SE-1, some guitars and amps, an acoustic jazz bass, a saxophone, a trumpet, some midi controllers, a couple tape recorders, a talk-box that i built out of an old shoe box, some CDJ’s, an electronic drum kit, another real drum kit, and a couch (which is also my bed).

ER: And how much of your studio come out with you when you play live?

J: Usually just the laptop and some controllers.. although I’ve been thinking about starting to play live with more of my analog gear. Actually I’m working on a new live project with a friend of mine who designs lights and visuals.. so maybe more will be coming out soon haha. We’ll have to wait and see how that goes.

ER: If money was no object, what would your dream synth be?

J: It would definitely be a pure analog version of Native Instrument’s plugin “Massive”. That thing is a beast. I use it in pretty much everything.

ER: If money was no object, what synth would you like to get your hands on?

J: It would definitely be a completely custom modular system.. and it definitely would need it’s own room haha.

Lady GaGa – Bad Romance (The Kids Are Radioactive reMix)

ER: What does being part of the Binary family mean to you as a musician?

J: To me being part of the Binary family is always being able to go back to LA and call it home, from chilling on the streets in the Cali sunshine to the best parties and people all night. Croosh tunes and chill vibes all day.

ER: What can we expect from The Kids Are Radioactive in the future?

J: You can definitely expect more new music! Actually, I’m working on a new ep right now for a tune I finished a while back called “Sahara”.. it’s gonna’ have
some desert inspired tent music, haha. And hopefully more gigs out on the east coast while I’m finishing up school too.

ER: Is The Kids Are Radioactive more of a cereal or pile of pancakes for breakfast kinda’ act? Would that change the night after a show?

J: Definitely cereal! I’m a creature of habit.. and I have a certain ritual of eating Jack In The Box after every show no matter what. It’s cheap and it gets the job done. I guess I got into the habit from partying in high school.. it was the best restaurant open at 3 am every day!

Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner – Conscindo (The Kids Are Radioactive reMix)

Jordan is working hard on the new The Kids Are Radioactive EP, keep an eye on Binary for news.

The Kids Are Radioactive @ Beatport

The Kids Are Radioactive @ Juno

The Kids Are Radioactive @ Amazon

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Binary Week: Binary 101

Welcome to Binary week, here on electronic rumors, readers!

Over the next seven days we’ll be dedicating most of our output to Binary Entertainment, that haven for all things ElectroPop, all things Indie-Electro, all things Nu-Disco. That’s right…all things Dreamwave!

A couple of years ago  this sound had no name, the Valerie crew had their little corner of the retro, 80s,  inspired ElectroPop/Nu-Disco world pretty sorted, but not named, and around the world there were great artists producing music you could only really describe as Valerie-esq. While The Valerie Collative were making music largely inspired by American teen movies of the 80’s their sound still had a strong European quality to it…enter the Binary stable of artists, who took this mixture of melodic retro ElectroPop and contemporary, dancefloor aimed, production and ran with it. Adding a healthy dose of LA-centric Americana, a certain swagger if you will, to the genre and naming it. Dreamwave.

I’ll admit I was a little hesitant about the name when I first heard it being used. ‘I’ve been listening to ElectroPop for over 20 years’ I thought ‘it really doesn’t need a new name’, but credit is due to Josh and Kyle (Binary’s founders) as their vision of Dreamwave has stuck, and makes sense (even to me!) now. In retrospect the guys did a amazing job by giving this scene a name, it’s more than just a style of music (the Binary artists themselves span quite a diverse range of electronica), it’s an attitude, a soft focus outlook on life where loving and dancing are the priority. When you think of Dreamwave, not only do you thing of the perfect smooth ElectroPop/Nu-Disco blend but also of warm summer nights, partying in LA.

Whether it’s the laidback Indie-Electro of NightWaves, the Disco flavours of Keenhouse or LexiconDon’s real world ElectroPop the Binary crew are putting melody back on the dancefloor, or Disco back into songwriting, and the term Dreamwave is becoming so ubiquitous now that January’s print edition of The NME named Dreamwave their ‘D’ in an ‘A to Z for what to watch in 2011’. Let’s hope their readers take note!

Not only did Josh and Kyle pull off the (pretty hard) task of branding a type of ElectroPop, but they also branded a feeling. An aspirational lifestyle that can be yours, even if you can’t get to LA, through the music of the artists who call Binary their home.

Who are these electronic Sandmen? LexiconDon, NightWaves, Short Circuit, Keenhouse, Alfa, Fabian & The Kids Are Radioactive. You’ll get to know them very well over the course of this week!

Here’s what Josh and Kyle have to say:

ER: How did Binary get started?

J: Well, I suppose it started out of a frustration for doing what people consider to be conventional lives and jobs. Kyle and I both desperately wanted to try doing something special and different before we became tied down by things like a mortgage, a marriage, or kids. We’ve been musical compatriots practically since the day we met (sailing in Long Beach!), so starting a music company was something we felt really excited about trying. We spent a bunch of time thinking long and hard about what we wanted Binary to be, and eventually, near the middle of 2008, we quit our jobs and haven’t looked back since!

ER: Is there a Binary Mission statement?

J: For a long time we were somewhat known for saying that our mission was to “bring the song back to the dancefloor”… In a lot of ways that is definitely still a mission of ours. Most of the music we work with, put out, or write about is expertly produced electronic music that’s made for fans of all music, not just dance junkies. I don’t think that part of the mission has changed. What I’m no so sure about anymore is whether or not you could call Binary a ‘dance music’ music factory. Kyle and I love a lot of different kinds of music and I think Binary will end up being a home for a lot of music that people can’t dance to. I believe our mission is to provide an artist friendly home for great songwriters, be it on the blog, on our label, or as an artist that we manage.

ER: How do you find your roster?

K: Well our roster hasn’t changed since it was fully in place back in September of 2008. But for that process, it was a mix of musicians we were associating with at the time through a friend and we were really impressed by the material they were putting together (Fabian and Alex from LexiconDon), a couple guys we found on some blog posts (Short Circuit and Alfa), we found The Kids Are Radioactive by scouring through MySpace, which took up a lot of our time in the early days of Binary. And we saw Keenhouse play a show that another one of our friends was promoting. We spent a ton of time just jumping in head first into this community of artists online, on MySpace, that were making original music and showed a certain creative edge rather than just chopping up some songs and making remixes…it was really a great journey to take. So we found what we thought was the best and the guys that showed the most potential, and guys that were in the LA area since we were trying to build a local scene and community here, and that’s how we ended up with the roster we currently have. Nowadays, because of the blog, we get a lot of promo emails, so we’ll find a lot of upcoming talented producers that way, and just staying on top of blogs looking for new artists. I personally really like finding the totally unknown guys that I can just sense have a lot of potential and watching them grow into bigger things, whether that’s due to us or not, but unfortunately that’s getting a lot harder since MySpace has died…which is the only bad part about MySpace dying.

ER: Is LA really as cool and romantic as the music would suggest?

K:Haha, yeah, I think so. LA is as cool and romantic as you make it. LA gets a bad reputation around the world (though I think this is changing a lot) and people think it’s plastic and fake, and yeah, there are certainly big parts of the city that are like that. But it’s a very big place…big enough for all of us to create or live the life we want to live. When I first moved out here from Chicago I actually kinda’ hated this place, but once you settle in and can comfortably call it home, you start to find your own little world that works for you, with the friends you want, going to the places you want to go to, doing the things you want to do. I can’t think of a better place to live in your young 20’s than the east side of LA. We’re just all such like-minded people here, and everyone kinda’ gets each other, and we all know that we’re all kind of out here trying to live the dream. So it all works out, and some days you’ll find yourself on the freeway looking at the big green hills and the blue sky with the sun shining and you take a breath and really appreciate being here right now.

ER: Where the ladies at?

K: My lady’s at home, she’s awesome. Oh you mean where are the ladies on Binary? Haha, man there are a lot of times we wish we had more of a female presence on the label, whether that be having a full fledged Binary female artist, or even just a source to go to for female vocals on some tracks. I really hope that day comes soon, cause we could really use it. The problem is that it just seems harder to find…as I said we haven’t really expanded our roster in any case, but even if we had, I don’t usually come across female producers or singers sending us their music that would fit well with Binary. We try and push our current artists to collaborate with other singers, especially female singers, because a lot of times that is the best thing that could complement a track they may be working on, but it’s tough working on random collaborations like that. I don’t know, I think we’re going to need to start exploring some other channels. But that day will come and it will be a great day.

To get you started on your week long journey down the Binary rabbit-hole here’s NightWaves ‘Binary Hour’ mixtape, showcasing some of the best from the label:

NightWaves Presents: The Binary Hour

The Binary Hour tracklist:

01: LexiconDon – Pink + Blue
02: NightWaves – Fascination (Vocal)
03: Alfa – Funker
04: Short Circuit – This Is Real
05: Fabian – Last Flight
06: Keenhouse – Ari-es (Grum reMix)
07: NightWaves – Sweet Carrie (Beaumont reMix)
08: LexiconDon – December Sunset (U-Tern reMix)
09: The Kids Are Radioactive – Sorry
10: Short Circuit – Get Up
11: Alfa – Holy Shit!
12: Fabian – Heatwave
13: Fabian – Heatwave (Short Circuit’s Heatstroke Edit)
14: LexiconDon – Student Body
15: Keenhouse – Ari-es (Hemingway’s Starlight Yacht reMix)
16: Fabian – Starlight Love
17: LexiconDon – Hot Love
18: Short Circuit – How We Speak
19: NightWaves – Fascination (Bit Funk reMix)
20: Keenhouse – The Rendezvous

And as a bonus, check out some Binary-on-Binary reMix action:

LexiconDon – December Sunset (NightWaves reMix)

Keenhouse – Ari-es (NightWaves reMix)

Over the course of this week we will be profiling and interviewing each act on in the Binary stable. We’ll be featuring loads of awesome music, some exclusives, mixes and a competition so make sure you check back daily as we bring you the low-down on some of the finest ElectroPop being produced today.

Binary Entertainment @ Beatport

Binary Entertainment @ Juno

Binary Entertainment @ 7Digital

Binary Entertainment @ Amazon

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The Kids Are Radioactive reMix frenzy!


Binary Records resident Electro-House guy The Kids Are Radioactive has send on over his two latest mixes. It been a few months since we’ve heard for this, relative, youngster but these mixes show a definite progression in his style.

Tackling Lady GaGa’s worldwide hit ‘Bad Romance’ and Shane Silver’s ‘Abyss’, he really knocks it out the park with his Lady GaGa mix. There is one particular riff up in this pretty busy mix, that just works perfectly, his work on the vocals too shows and almost flawless understanding of what works on the dancefloor. Some of the sounds in his Shane Silver are a little too Virusey/Trancey for my personal tastes but when it kicks in it has got a completely rockin’ Electro groove.

Lady GaGa – Bad Romance (The Kids Are Radioactive reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Shane Silver – Abyss (The Kids Are Radioactive reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Check some older, original, tracks by TKAR including the smooth Nu-Disco/Dirty Electro jam ‘Higher’, featuring LexiconDon, it’s still a killer tune

The Kids Are Radioactive (Feat. LexiconDon) – Higher (zShare) (MediaFire)

The Kids Are Radioactive – Cult Classic (zShare) (MediaFire)

Go show the man some of your MySpace love!

The Kids Are Radioactive @ Beatport

The Kids Are Radioactive @ Amazon