The Kids Are Radioactive’s new tune

The Kids Are Radioactive

It been a while sing we features a full on banger here, for no other reason than nothing in the past few months has really inspired me, but here come’s Binary’s resident ravemeister, The Kids Are Radioactive, to set that right.

There are two really epic sections to the track, a sequel to 2009’s ‘Perpetual Drag’, cleverly titled ‘Perpetual Drag 2’ (it’s possibly personal this time?) which nicely switch between chainsaw synth noise terror and and the lead section with a sweet euphoric chord progression, all this is underpinned with a reverby ‘90’s House piano which gives the track a different flavour from, your usual Electro-House. And of course, the thing if full of massive builds. I’m so glad that Jordan and some people can still make Electro-House tracks with a bit of imagination!

The Kids Are Radioactive – Perpetual Drag 2 (Original Mix)

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