[Video] Televisor’s ‘Find That Someone’


Televisor   Find That Someone  feat. Richard Judge   Monstercat Official Music Video    YouTube

London based Dreamwavers Televisor are gearing up for the release of their new, Funk fuelled, EP; titled Venture. Here’s the frantic Nu-Disco lead track, the Richard Judge featuring Find That Someone.

This is the official video, a colourful, retro, excursion into finding that mystery woman.

Televisor’s Venture EP is released 6th April.

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[Audio] Televisor’s ‘Can’t Get Enough’



It’s time for this week’s ‘song featruing Patrick Baker’! Only joking, it’s actually been a whopping eighteen days since we last posted about a song graced by Mr. Baker’s vocals, I think the internet was starting to get withdrawal symptoms. We are starting to get a little suspicious that their might be a hostage situation somewhere, and every-time a Nu-Disco or Chicago House producer creates a track that doesn’t feature Patrick Backer on vocals a hostage gets shot, thus preventing Patrick from working on his own excellent music and homogenizing everyone’s tracks. Nu-Disco and House producers…blink twice if you need help.

Televisor’s Can’t Get Enough is actually an excellent tune. A breezy poolside Disco tune with just the right amount of nostalgia. Big vintage sounding stabs riding over wicked Disco licks give the track it’s quirky Funk, as they glide over playful synths and a rock solid beat. The vocals are, well, Patrick Baker vocals, you know the drill by now. Impeccable as always, but a little too thinly spread. Can’t Get Enough is part of a charity compilation called EDM: Every Day Matters that is out now, and although it’s a terrible, terrible tile (the mere idea of British people using the term ‘EDM’ makes us shudder) it’s raising money for Comic Relief, which is an amazing cause so you should check it out.

♫ Televisor (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Can’t Get Enough

The EDM: Every Day Matters compilation is out now.

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[Audio] Televisor’s ‘Starlight’


Out now on Monstercat is the latest release from London based Televisor. Starlight was released last week and it really does exactly what it says on the tin. This is an uplifting beam of starlight with a beat. This international duo seriously get their groove on for this new single, a peak time floorfiller.

Starlight sees SynthWavers Televisor moving even further into big room Nu-Disco territories. Exploring a Madeon/Lenno sound Televisor hit just the right notes, bringing big beats, funky cut-ups and layers upon layers of thick synths. And no big Nu-Disco track would be complete without a rocking solo, and Televisor take it stratospheric. We can see this tune getting a lot of play in the coming months.

♫ Televisor – Starlight

Televisor’s Starlight is out now.

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[Audio] Patrick Baker’s new single

Patrick Baker

Amazing Retro Pop artist Patrick Baker is gearing up for the release of his début single. Released next month, Get 2 Know U is actually the first track of Patrick’s we featured on electronic rumors, back in June last year, and now it’s getting a proper release, backed with a pretty special reMix package, in anticipation of Baker’s album release later this year.  Televisor Jolie Cherie

You’ve probably heard Get 2 Know U by now, it’s a lush slice of 80s Americana. when we first wrote about it we commented that Patrick baker is to American 80s Pop what Kid Kasio is to British 80s Pop, and that’s true. Patrick authentically creates a nostalgic vision of the US charts in the great decade. Get 2 Know U is a catchy, upbeat slab of ElectroPop. Fun and funky, what more could you want? reMixes come from Robots With Rayguns with a deep, west coast, Pop mix, Televisor, who inject the track with a summery, beach-party, vibe and lends Get 2 Know U some Nu-Disco flair, and France’s Jolie Cherie, who turn in a relaxed, spacey, Disco tinged ElectroPop mix that has a nice warm sound to round of the single. We’re so pleased Patrick is starting to release stuff properly and predict big things from this guy.

♫ Patrick Baker – Get 2 Know U (Original Mix)

♫ Patrick Baker – Get 2 Know U (Televisor reMix)

♫ Patrick Baker – Get 2 Know U (Jolie Cherie reMix)

Patrick Baker’s Get 2 Know U is released 18th February.

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[Audio] Televisor’s ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’


Well, what can you say about this track? The genius of it? Dutch/British duo Televisor have dropped their version of We Wish You A Merry Christmas as part of Monstercat’s Christmas Album. Cover X-mas tunes can come off two ways, normally incredibly cheesy and MIDIfile sounding, but amazingly Televisor actually turn We Wish You A Merry Christmas into a funkin’ good time jam.

Mixing up the We Wish You A Merry Christmas melody with twisting synth leads and vintage stabs, Television deliver s Disco tune with extra helpings of X-mas cheer. It’s pretty unbelievable how they’ve pulled this off, a genuinely amazing X-Mas SynthWave Disco track. This is going on repeat on the 25th!

♫ Televisor – We Wish You A Merry Christmas (reMix)

You can download Monstercat’s Christmas Album for free here.

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Televisor featuring Patrick Baker


Check out the kind of awesome things that happen when two massive talents get together. We’ve previously shown love to both British/Dutch Nu-Disco collaboration Televisor and awesome retro ElectroPop artist Patrick Baker. What happens? Pure funky vintage Pop is what happens!

Run Away, the result of this meeting of minds, is a summery Pop gem, loaded with Televisior’s synth Funk and Baker’s Pop sensibilities it’s a track that you can’t help but smile to. Dominated by massive retro synths and Baker’s classic Pop croon it’s an easy-breezy song, but once the sax solo hits, it;s taken to the next level.

♫ Televisor (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Run Away

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Televisor’s new tune


This new tune from British/Dutch collaboration Televisor is a prime example of why they are seriously one to keep an eye on. If you like Moog Funking Sax laden Disco that is. And if you don’t, you’re probably a little dead inside. I’d see to that if I were you.

‘Closer’ is the name if this new excursion and that’s exactly what it does, brings you one step close to the good times. The coolest of cool beach parties in musical form, this orchestrated Disco is pure retro bliss. It’s hard to explain in writing just how rad the moment the sax comes in is and there’s just no point even trying with the guitar solo. It’s a smoothly produced tune, pounding beats, slick guitar riffs and a catchy ElectroPop vocal over the good vibes. The instrumentation in this track, though, is where it really shines. Sit back and listen to all the elemental going on here, it;s a genius peice of Disco and one guaranteed to get the party started.

♫ Televisor – Closer

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