Televisor’s new tune


This new tune from British/Dutch collaboration Televisor is a prime example of why they are seriously one to keep an eye on. If you like Moog Funking Sax laden Disco that is. And if you don’t, you’re probably a little dead inside. I’d see to that if I were you.

‘Closer’ is the name if this new excursion and that’s exactly what it does, brings you one step close to the good times. The coolest of cool beach parties in musical form, this orchestrated Disco is pure retro bliss. It’s hard to explain in writing just how rad the moment the sax comes in is and there’s just no point even trying with the guitar solo. It’s a smoothly produced tune, pounding beats, slick guitar riffs and a catchy ElectroPop vocal over the good vibes. The instrumentation in this track, though, is where it really shines. Sit back and listen to all the elemental going on here, it;s a genius peice of Disco and one guaranteed to get the party started.

♫ Televisor – Closer

Check out more from Televisor on SoundCloud.

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