[Audio] Televisor’s ‘Can’t Get Enough’



It’s time for this week’s ‘song featruing Patrick Baker’! Only joking, it’s actually been a whopping eighteen days since we last posted about a song graced by Mr. Baker’s vocals, I think the internet was starting to get withdrawal symptoms. We are starting to get a little suspicious that their might be a hostage situation somewhere, and every-time a Nu-Disco or Chicago House producer creates a track that doesn’t feature Patrick Backer on vocals a hostage gets shot, thus preventing Patrick from working on his own excellent music and homogenizing everyone’s tracks. Nu-Disco and House producers…blink twice if you need help.

Televisor’s Can’t Get Enough is actually an excellent tune. A breezy poolside Disco tune with just the right amount of nostalgia. Big vintage sounding stabs riding over wicked Disco licks give the track it’s quirky Funk, as they glide over playful synths and a rock solid beat. The vocals are, well, Patrick Baker vocals, you know the drill by now. Impeccable as always, but a little too thinly spread. Can’t Get Enough is part of a charity compilation called EDM: Every Day Matters that is out now, and although it’s a terrible, terrible tile (the mere idea of British people using the term ‘EDM’ makes us shudder) it’s raising money for Comic Relief, which is an amazing cause so you should check it out.

♫ Televisor (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Can’t Get Enough

The EDM: Every Day Matters compilation is out now.

Buy Televisor’s music from:

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