Patrick Baker

Patrick Baker

Sometimes wading through submissions on SoundCloud can become a chore, especially when people don’t care to find out if your publication is appropriate for their style of music. It can get pretty tedious. However, sometimes someone sends you an absolute gem. Nashville based ElectroPop artist Patrick Baker has done just that.

Dropping his latest song ‘Get 2 Know U’ over to us made out day. The best way we can describe Patrick Baker is as the American Kid Kasio. whereas Kid Kasio makes completely authentic sounding British ‘80’s Pop, Patrick makes completely authentic sounding American ‘80’s Pop. Once you listen to it you’ll get what we mean. From that era when the US music scene merged European SynthPop instrumentation and arrangement with Pop R&B and Soul rhythms and those big catchy vocals, Patrick has perfectly captured the jump-up excitement of a summer Pop hit from the late ‘80’s, everything from the signwriting, to the arrangement, to the production is spot on, and not in a parody way, or a homage way, or even in an influenced way, but in a could actually be a re-discovered recording from 1987 way. And if you don’t know what we mean, wait for the sax solo. Amazing.

♫ Patrick Baker – Get 2 Know U

Check out more from Patrick Baker on SoundCloud.

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