[Audio] Nightly’s ‘Build One’



So, it seems like everyone is jumping on that Gesaffelstein Nu-EBM, Techno train these days. Making that mad Powernoise cash, yo!  Next up is Nightly, new alter-ego of German Disco dude Christian Strobe, who releases a double A-side single this week consisting of Build One and Build Two. Also, we can’t be the only ones geeky enough to see the words ‘Nightly’ and ‘Build’ together and have our minds immediately go to software release schedules? Yes? Oh well…carry on.

To be fair to Mr. Strobe, he does inject a fair amount of Groove into his pulsating, grinding Techno. Set among a relentless onslaught of Industrial purcussion, siren screams, Electro zap and drone synths, there sits a little bit of Funk that gives the track an unusual swing. There’s a bright lead line that is strangely reminiscent to Russ Chimes’ Never Look Back that elevates the track above the noise. The upshot of all this contradiction if a song that is forcefully powerful, a dancefloor destroyer, but one that will stand out for the Teutonic Techno pack.

♫ Nightly – Build One (Original Mix)

Nightly’s Build One/Build Two is out now.

Buy Nightly’s music from:


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