autoKratz’s ‘Devil’s Touch’


Thank fuck for that! Proper autoKratz are back! autoKratz tend to be a bit amazing hit and miss. When they are being autoKratz, and producing pretty hard ElectroPop tracks they can be jaw droppingly good, but the whole Bad Life techno thing was just pretty tedious. So it’s with open arms we welcome the return of actual autoKratz.

Devil’s Touch ticks all the right boxes, it’s got a nice ElectroPop flow and some subtly anthemic vocals, set amongst a big Rave track. The track’s actually got a slight underworld flavour to it, and brings the listener up and down like the best underworld tracks do. I can see this track rocking the festivals this season. The Rave lead and piano riff are big enough to make it a hypnotic hymn to hold a congregation while the dips and builds make for some big party moments.

♫ autoKratz – Devil’s Touch

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