Cosmic Sand & Starcadian & TobTok

Cosmic Sand

Australian Electro heads Trashbags are bringing, for their latest release, a storming new, and free, EP from Portuguese producer Cosmic Sand. The Route 375 EP is a huge work of driving Electro. Post-Kavinsky with a slightly baroque feel, the three original tunes Route 375, Lost In Nevada and Wreckage of 2085 are powerful synth pieces that meld chainsaw Electro with a cinematic rush.

reMixes come from electronic rumors fave  Starcadian and Swedish Nu-Disco guru TobTok. Starcadian’s take on Lost In Nevada is typically majestic slab of slap-bassed, dirty synth Disco. Combining gritty Disco grooves with soaring cosmic synths, Starcadian takes the track into deep space for some seriously futuristic Boogie. The EP’s title track is handled by TobTok, who brings a smooth, laid back Disco sound to the release. sanding off the rough and ready edges of the original, TobTok’s version is all about late summer nights and mirrorballed dancefloors. this whole EP is pretty essential, especially at that price point, you have no excuse.

Cosmic Sand – Lost In Nevada (Starcadian reMix)

Cosmic Sand – Route 375 (TobTok reMix)

The Route 375 EP is out now and available to download for free right here.

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Starcadian reMixes SLDGHMR


Good news everyone! New York’s best kept secret, Starcadian, is back with a brand new reMix. Easily rating as one of our favourite discoveries of the year, this Brooklyn resident has pretty much blown us away with all his tunes this year. This latest track is a reMix of Miami producers SLDGHMR’s collaboration with La Falix, Deviate.

Whist the original had some great moments, let down by a couple of uninspired  Electro-music-by-numbers moments, Starcadian whips the track up into a absolute monster tune. Neatly combining his talents in huge, cinematic, highly musical, Disco-House and storming, cut-up Electro, Starcadian produces something that is as infectiously energetic and the most fist-pumping of hard Electro, but as smooth as the most Tropical beach party Disco and as emotionally resonant as the most orchestrated SynthWave song. Washing the vocals in vocoder give the refrain a more melodic quality, which is used, amongst other lead lines, to temper the chainsaw Electro synths and frantic slap bass. I don’t think there is a single producer out there who can mix up juggernaut Electro with melodic Pop quite like Starcadian, and if their is they aren’t as good.

♫ SLDGHMR (Feat. La Felix) – Deviate (Starcadian reMix)

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Starcadian reMixes Freedom Fry

Freedom Fry

Brooklyn based SynthWave/Disco/ElectroPop producer Starcadian is rapidly becoming one of out very favourite producers. The richness of his productions is pretty astounding, and his love of electric piano just endears him to us more. It seems that whether immersed in big pedal-to-the-metal Electro or gentle Indie tinged Disco, Staracdian is completely at home and not afraid to do something a bit left-field.

His latest reMix is of fellow New Yorkers Freedom Fry ‘s Summer In The City. Here’s Starcadian captures the mood of hot asphalt and a greenhouse of skyscrapers with a lazy, hazy, groove. Stripped down to almost the core of electronic piano and vocals, this track really shows off Starcadian’s musicality and penchant for jazzy melodies. It also has a lonely quality to it, the sparse instrumentation feeling quite separated, quite distant. Let this gentle jam soothe you in this heatwave.

Freedom Fry – Summer In The City (Starcadian reMix)

Summer In The City  is out now.

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Earlier in the week, after his stunning Touch Tone reMix, we promised you a more in depth look at Brooklyn based producer Starcadian. And, now is as good a time as any, with the recent release of his new video making some waves. The track is called ‘Heˆrt’ and it’s a perfect example of Sarcadian’s lush retro synth work. Combining both the groovy and the emotional, his laid back beat and electric piano lament underpin a subtly vocoded galactic love song. Here we have a jaw-droppingly good mixture of SynthWave and Disco that has been pulled back into a ballad that really highlight Starcadian;s talents ad both songwriter and musician. The video too has been getting a bit of attention, and ‘80’as Sci-Fi extravaganza. Reminiscant of post-Star Wars straight-to-video movies, the clip captures the loneliness of deep space and melds with the tune as if they were always meant to be.

Hopefully, that’s whetted your appetite, for more Starcadian. And it should, the rest is just as good. Borrowing heavily fro ‘80’s movie soundtracks, Starcadian sets himself apart from the a lot of the SynthWave crowd in a few ways. His a lot more skilled in the Disco end of things, and he tends to be a lot more ‘song’ oriented. Take ‘Girls At Midnight’ what begins at the most haunting of VHS horror soundtracks effortlessly becomes one of the best Nu-Disco tinged ElectroPop tracks I’ve heard for a while, with some frantic playing in the crescendo. ‘Ronnie’ brings the vocoder back into focus for a slick slice of DiscoPop, whist keeping that retro SynthWave feel and injecting an added bit of Funk in the form of some jazzy electric piano before going all out of a seriously stratospheric synth solo. ‘Firat Kill’ sees a different side to Starcadian, for want of a better word is a full on Disco-House banger loaded with mashed up acapellas in ways that make them sound they should have always been there.

♫ Starcadian – Girls Of Midnight

♫ Starcadian – Ronnie

♫ Starcadian – First Kill

I seriously can’t recommend Starcadian enough.

Starcadian’s singles are out now.

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Touch Tone reMixed by Starcadian


I must be so predictable, hehe. Touch Tone dropped me an email introducing me to Brooklyn producer Starcadian who has just reMixed his new single ‘Home away From Home’, he said he thought Starcadian was right up my street, both musically and aesthetically, Sweet Raptor Jesus was he ever right.

I don’t want to to talk too much about Starcadian specifically right now, I’ve already decided he gets an article to himself later in the week, but let’s just easy you into the Starcadian groove with the aforementioned reMix.His reMix of ‘Home Away From Home’ is pretty much a melting pot of everything we think is awesome. It is, at it’s core, SynthWave, epic retro soundtrack stuff, but with more of a gritty vibe, a more (dare I say it, Brooklyn?) Lo-Fi productions style that accentuates the vintage sound and give the music warmth. It’s also got a bit more Funk than your average SynthWave with a dirty Moog tone to it. The end result is a danceable, dreamy electronic space-Disco odyssey. So, to recap; SynthWave, Lo-Fi grit, Moog Funk plus Touch Tone’s amazing, anthemic, song. I never stood a chance.

Touch Tone – Home Away From Home (Starcadian reMix)

Touch Tone’s ‘Home Away From Home’ is out now on Binary. We’ll be featuring more from Starcadian later in the week.

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