Popskarr’s new single


South African reMix and production duo Popskarr have just dropped their new single ‘Tonight’ for free.

‘Tonight’ is a song of two levels. On one hand it’s got a stomping modern Electro beat and a touch of Electro-House about it, but on top of that the chords and vocals are really melancholic 80’s. It’s an interesting combination that really works and as the track builds toward it;’s finale there is a real sense of drama about the track. reMixes are supplied by, amongst others, Show Your Shoe and King Of Town. SYS show us a different side to his work with a chilled, almost ambient tune. Rolling, glitchy, drums and broken synths are used to their fullest effect to create a really involving atmospheric electronic peice. King Of Town go all out with a dancefloor oriented ElectroPop stomper, heavy on the sweeping.

Popskarr – Tonight (Original)

Popskarr – Tonight (Show Your Shoe reMix)

Popskarr – Tonight (King Of Town’s Destroy The Brain Or Remove The Head reMix)

You can download the whole EP for free here.

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Polygon Palace’s ‘We Have A Visual’

Last month we dropped Human Life’s amazing reMix of Noisy ElectroPop duo Polygon Palace’s latest single ‘We Have A Visual’, now we can present the original version of the track and a reMix by the underrated Popskarr.

‘We Have A visual’ is a slice of organised Indie-Electro chaos, if you’re only used to the Human Life reMix you’ll be surprised at how gritty it is. That rawness is part of it’s charm though. Of the two promo photos that Polygon Palace sent us I chose to use this live shot ‘cos that how the music sounds, live and exiting. i wouldn’t go so far as to say punky, but their brand of ElectroPop has a bit more balls than your usual clean, superproduced, tunes. Popskarr (who produced an excellent reMix for Short Circuit’s Let Go’) turns in a deep DiscoPop track with a hypnotic bassline countered with some of the sparkliest of sparkling sytnhs and somehow manages to tame the beast that is Polygon Palace.

Polygon Palace – We Have A Visual

Polygon Palace – We Have A Visual (Popskarr reMix)

Polygon Palace’s ‘We Have A visual’ is out now on Forum5.

Polygon Palace @ Beatport

Polygon Palace @ Juno

Polygon Palace @ Amazon

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Short Circuit’s new single

Andrew Verner A.K.A. Short Circuit is fast becoming the king of Robo-Pop. Coming out of L.A.’s Binary family, the go-to gang for forward thinking cotemporary ElectroPop, Short Circuit has been responsible for some awesome reMixes of late, but the time has come for him to release some original material into the wild.

Setting himself apart from the pack with his heavy use of vocodered vocals, his début single, ‘Let Go’, is a robotic love letter set to a soundtrack of warm synth leads and burbling basses. The single is backed by the kind of reMix package that has fans of electronic Pop music grinning like idiots all day after hearing it. Fellow Binary act, the reliably amazing, NightWaves bring a bit more of a Dreamwave flavour to the track, although heavier than you’d expect from these guys They bring the robot to the Disco with some thick bass sounds and screaming synths. Small Pyramids take ‘Let Go’ to a more chilled, atmospheric, place with a deep electronic groove while Popskarr reveal themselves as one to watch after turning in a blinding, funky, late night House mix.

Short Circuit – Let Go (NightWaves reMix)

Short Circuit – Let Go (Small Pyramids reMix)

Short Circuit – Let Go (Popskarr reMix)

Short Circuit – Let Go

‘Let Go’ is Short Circuit,’s first single and will be followed up by an EP later in 2010.

Short Circuit @ Beatport

Short Circuit @ Juno

Short Circuit @ 7Digital

Short Circuit @ Amazon